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Website Issues You Can Spot Yourself And How To Fix Them With Website Seo

When most laymen think of “business owners,” they’re thinking in terms of people who roam around in ironed suits and lounge about all day in luxurious high-backed chairs, with expensive cigars clamped in their mouths. The truth—unless perhaps we’re talking about the owner of Amazon or someone—is pretty different. Business owners usually are regular people trying to juggle too many tasks all at once.

Some of their jobs include marketing, advertising, planning and designing their products or service, hiring, approving and checking the products or service, keeping track of the market and the industry, following the developments among current trends, knowing public opinion about their products, getting the public constantly interested in what they’re selling, keeping people hooked, retaining customers, and so on. That doesn’t even scratch the surface.

So when something like SEO swoops in to do half their jobs for them, of course the businesspeople like it.

In fact they like it so much that SEO companies soared to $80 billion as of 2018.

And for good reason.

SEO Can Solve Website Issues

Website Seo

Of course when people set up a business or when established businesses decide to “go digital,” they’re making a critical and conscious choice: they’re expanding. They’re also keeping up with the times. Clever businesspeople understand that the world is at a different juncture right now: with 4.48 billion people worldwide active on the internet, 1.4 billion smartphones sold in the world in the last 5 years, and with the world approaching a digital buyer number that will exceed 2.14 billion by 2021.

It’s a whole new world—and SEO helps them keep to the right path.

The thing about going digital is that it isn’t just limited to setting up a website and being done with it. There’s so much more that’s expected: updating and uploading quality content, keeping up with customer reviews and complaints, having a rep talk to customers, constantly putting up news about the product, etc.

And naturally, with so many things that need to be done, there are several issues that pop up quite frequently. That is, unless the businessperson hires the right SEO agency to take care of those issues.

Wondering what the biggest of these issues could be?

Website Speed

Speed rules—whether it’s the Keanu Reeves starring hit or the rapidness with which your website functions. If your site is taking too long—and by too long we mean more than 2 seconds—to upload, rest assured you’ve lost a viewer and a subsequent customer. This is the day and age of instant gratification. Why do you think Netflix is so popular? Because it gives audiences all the episodes of a season in just one go.

Because Netflix doesn’t keep the ‘customer’ waiting.

And neither should you.

Website Seo

If you need a high-converting landing page to work for you, you need to realize that time is indeed money. The page’s speed affects the shopping decisions of 70% online shoppers.

With Google PageSpeed Insights—which is an SEO tool, you can easily get this problem out of your way. Not only do you get to see what’s slowing your website down—such as images—you’re also given insight as to how to make amends.

Broken Links

This one’s tricky because it’s so easy to miss—and because it causes so many problems. Other than the fact that maybe your website is flooded with pages, there’s no excuse for a broken link or two. Taking care of them is like weeding out your garden, because they do affect your SERP rankings and overall site performance. The worst part is that your audience will leave with a bad taste in their mouths, thoroughly turned off by what they see as lack of professionalism. It can even mean that some of your most important pages are left un-indexed—because search bots don’t like too many broken links.

Google Search Console—another great SEO tool—helps you determine which of your pages have 404 errors under its “crawl” option. Once you detect them, uprooting them will be so easy.

Duplicate Content

Website Seo

And no, we don’t mean copied or plagiarized content. Duplicate content is content that appears multiple times on your own website. One of the last things you want to see on your website—especially if you’re a new or a small business trying to build a demographic for yourself—is duplicate content. Why?

And if it surprises you that we’re talking about this, here’s a shocker: because Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines, as of 2019, do not like duplicate content at all. This doesn’t mean that you’ll need to put up a different number on all the pages (duh) but you will need to show effort. If you’ve just, let’s say, copied a whole block of text and it shows up on all your regional pages, Google is not going to like it. It won’t penalize you (no, that’s entirely a myth) but it’s bad for you. And it’s bad for business.

Luckily for people who work with SEO specialists, this is never an issue. Unique and quality content is the building block of all SEO, and there are further tools—such as Copyscape and Siteliner—that are used to ensure originality. If there’s one thing a seasoned SEO professional can never compromise with, it’s content.

Because content, as they say, is king.

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