Utilize SEO To Link Up Content Strategy And Content Marketing For Any Business

In the Hong Kong market, the traditional ways of marketing is becoming less effective regardless of industry/niche. It is gradually being replaced with strongly built content strategy and content marketing. But what is content in content marketing? In very simple words, useful content should be in the core of content strategy and content marketing for any Hong Kong business of any size. Content marketing is a strategic marketing effort that is focused on creating and distributing content that are valuable, interesting, intriguing, relevant, and consistent.

One of the best ways to distribute the diligently created content is through the use of search engine optimization. An example is to publish your content on your personal blog or company blog. It should be followed by applying SEO to the blog/website. Usually, an experienced SEO expert based in Hong Kong is able to lead this entire effort as a project that involves content strategy, content marketing, and website SEO.

SEO specialists, consultants, or experts may well focus their time on building skills in different areas. For example, technical SEO can take care of the meta data side and some server side redirect issues of the site. SEO specialist who focuses more on content identification and creation may be well suited to go out and organize the entire content plan and execution, just like a content strategist and a content marketer. Advanced SEO persons may be able to deal with the site speed / page speed optimization.

Content marketing is the present and future of marketing. As a long term internet marketing method, it is used for three key reasons that include increase of sales revenue, bottom line cost saving, and improving the loyalty of customers. Marketing can become very difficult than ever when it goes all out without the continuous support of content from behind. An example is that in social media marketing, content marketing strategy must always come before your social media strategy.

When you are using an out of the box solution such as Shopify, Wix, or WordPress as your website builder, you may be able to launch your company website very quickly. The website ideally needs to be accompanied by a blog. The blog will form the base for where your created content is going to be first published. When you have rather opted for developing a website and a blog from scratch, then you will need to have a person (i.e. a developer) who possesses the skills to configure and set up your web server (e.g. Apache) on a Linux operating system, and install PHP (the web programming language) and MySQL (the database queries).