The Ultimate Restaurant Delivery Robot to Increase Profitability

The Ultimate Restaurant Delivery Robot to Increase Profitability

Getting ahead of the next big thing in the food industry can give you a significant competitive advantage. If this “thing” also happens to make your business more efficient and cost-effective, there’s really nothing to lose. We are talking about the latest restaurant delivery robots that are ready and loaded with sophisticated features but also a lot of important business benefits.

Automated Catering that Delivers Key Benefits

Orion Star has invested in the latest in food delivery and service technology an incredible option to hire a robot named Lucki. Lucki can interact with customers and collect orders from your menu, including quick answers to questions. Then they deliver the food to customers precisely and efficiently no matter what they encounter. Your food robot can even be programmed to communicate using human-like “facial” expressions.

“Recruiting” advanced automated front-end systems give you a big marketing advantage. Promoting your use of interactive food delivery robots will undoubtedly fill your tables. Then your customers will tell their friends and share pictures of your restaurant food delivery robot on social media. It’s the kind of free exposure that can take your hospitality business into a whole new league.

Branding your Restaurant

Hiring a delivery robot for food and drinks will attract customers’ attention and build respect for your restaurant’s brand. Renting robots gives a solid message that you are keeping up with current trends and providing an unforgettable dining experience. Also, remember that using our smart automated catering technology will give you a lucrative social media presence.

More Business Benefits with Food Delivery Robots

Leasing robots for restaurants also bring more tangible business benefits, including the ability to save labour, time and money. This intelligent technology of automated delivery robots to bring food to customers and clear tables makes your front-of-house operations smoother and less error-prone.

How Automation in the Restaurant Industry Is Helping Companies Grow

The incredibly advanced AI systems in your food delivery robot will use machine learning techniques to understand the layout of your restaurant. The levels of localization and navigation you can achieve with this multi-sensor fusion technology are astounding. Your hired robot will effortlessly bypass both static and moving obstacles and activities that make daily restaurant operations difficult.

Eliminating Personnel Problems and Service Peaks

Food and beverage services can be seamless and efficient every day. Your restaurant delivery robot will never have to take a break or go on vacation. He doesn’t get distracted or tired. Think of your busiest times when the pressure is on for the food not to come out. You can count on your unwavering restaurant delivery robot to handle it. Contact us about hiring a hospitality robot and get Peanut, the friendly yet extremely efficient automated server, on your team.

What Else Awaits Robots in Restaurants?

The food industry has been a bit slow to incorporate industrial robots as it is mostly made up of small and medium-sized businesses. The use of robotics in restaurants is proving to be quite lucrative after realizing the potential of robotics in the industry. The use of robotics makes the overall business more efficient as the use of technology can help the business grow. The proliferation of robots further helps with repetitive tasks in the kitchen, allowing people to focus on other activities such as front-of-house interactions. From bars to kitchens to food delivery, robots are changing the face of the global restaurant industry.