Technology Trends That Every Business Needs To Know

Many trends have taken over the world of technology in recent times. These include smart tech, wearables, and even AI systems, but some businesses are missing out on the importance of incorporating technology into daily operations. You might be surprised to find out it can actually save you money, your employees time, and your customers a lot of hassle.

Here’s a look at some of the top business tech trends.

Buying Experience

Buyers who feel that the buying experience is tedious, are improbable to stick around for long. Frustrating and slow checkouts surely will not bring you repeat customers. Luckily, automation can improve the customer experience greatly. Both online and in-store buying experiences can be improved. Not just in the checkout line, but even in the parking lot, as proven by UK company, Westfield London, who offered customers with RFID parking technology so they didn’t have to buy a paper parking pass.

Starbucks also successfully improved their checkout system with their Order & Pay automated system.

The customer scoring system comes out as an excellent means for determining how brands could improve the customer experience. It becomes easy to sort the disappointed customers with the aid of scoring system, which eventually helps the brands to interact with them and come up with a polished image.

Below are a few lessons that every small business needs to learn from these good examples.

  • First of all, a company needs to figure out what their customers are struggling with and what can be improved—and then use automation to make things better.
  • And secondly, a business doesn’t have to automate every single aspect of its workflow. That needs to find suggestions to improve customer experience and automate their execution, that is all.

Too much of a good thing is possible, especially with automation and smart tech. Businesses need to keep the human touch in place while still using automation in the right places to speed up processes.

Learn About Your Industry

A good starting point for reviewing the trends that will impact next year is to consider the upcoming trends that people are seeing on the horizon. Realizing the value of new technologies such as real-time personalization, marketing motorization, and mobile can take your business to the next level.

Branding and Media

Logos, emails, and website design all contribute to a company’s image, and it can truly make or break a brand. No online shopper wants to frequent a slow, dull, or unsecure website. Companies have invested millions into digital marketing and web design, and while small businesses don’t need to go that far, they should look at their online image and work to improve their presence.

After all, an all-around professional appearance is vital to a company’s branding success.

Mobile Devices

It’s not secret that over half of all internet users are on mobile devices. So it’s also no secret that your company website needs to be mobile friendly. And, today, a mobile friendly website means more than simply a page that scales down to size. Many companies are going the extra mile and completely re-designing their sites for mobile users.

Even if that’s not in the budget, when looking at your site’s mobile version, be mindful that many will be using data and therefore need a site that loads fast and has minimal imaging. But, it also needs to look good and fit your company’s brand.

Put that all together, and your business can improve ten-fold.


There are always ways to move your business forward and, with the ever-evolving world of smart tech, it’s important that companies begin looking into automation to improve efficiency and save money. Click here for more information on practices you can consider using.