Snap Signs Deal with Time Warner

Recently, Snapchat has signed a $100M deal with the Time Warner company which is something the ORM Los Angeles company has been waiting for them to do. Time Warner will be producing original content for the social media platform. They have signed a two-year agreement and the studio will produce short, original content for Snapchat. Right now Snapchat is looking to draw ad dollars by younger driven viewers away from rivals like Facebook and Instagram.

The content that Time Warner will be making for Snapchat includes Snapchat shows and different advertisements.  According to the Ad Age, Snapchat will have shows from different genres including scripted dramas, comedies, and documentaries according to both companies involved in the deal. Time Warner’s properties such as HBO, Turner, and Warner Bros will also invest in advertising on Snapchat.

As soon as Snapchat had announced that they were going to niche out and make TV shows and videos, now Facebook the social network gorilla is doing the same. Facebook is going to be making their own TV shows with no vulgar language, no nudity, their target audience is going to be age 13 to 34 but they will mainly be targeting the 17 to 34 age group. They want to have their own shows that are similar to ones that everyone loves including The Bachelor, Scandal and one similar to Pretty Little Liars that has been airing on Freeform. It isn’t clear as to if they will also have their own TV channel, but what we do know so far is just like every episode will have a budget of $3 million just like every ordinary TV show that we love these days. Snapchat has been trying to niche out and to be a unique platform in order to gain their previous followers back but now Facebook might take them down permanently with all of this competition.