Marking Systems

Marking Systems

Laser Marking

Laser engraving (marking) is a technique of engraving objects with a laser. No ink or surface-consuming tools are used during this process. Processing materials in this way has a number of advantages. No contact, the process is dry and clean, flexible and economical. The only tool used during processing is the laser beam.

Laser engraving provides us with excellent opportunities for high-precision material removal, erosion, marking. Laser engraving is used for marking in the automotive industry, military industry, jewelry industry, toolmaking, product branding and the like.

The advantages of laser engraving are speed and no tool wear, regardless of the hardness of the material on which the laser acts, which ultimately results in a reduction in production costs.

Markings on materials made by laser engraving are extremely resistant and can only be erased by sanding. It is also possible to make 3D files that the laser works layer by layer, so that forging tools and electrodes for electro erosion can be made in excellent quality, because the thickness of the laser beam is only 2 µm. Such quality of machining will surely be interesting in the goldsmith industry, foundries, production of complex engravings on molds, etc. The laser engraver itself is equipped with software that has the ability to automatically generate various types of bar codes, serial numbers. Laser engraving technology enables engraving of logos, serial numbers, barcodes, images and text on all types of metals and various types of polymers.

Dot marking

The oscillation of the carbide needle i.e. the movement in two axes, x and y, are driven by pneumatic or electronic drive. Depending on the frequency, the marking is dotted or as a continuous line, perfect for characters, logos, 2D codes, such as Data Matrix code. The force produced by marking is negligible and does not damage the material.

Marking By Scraping

When scraping, unlike dot marking, the needle does not strike the material. The needle (made of hard metal or diamond) is pressed into the material and in this position it travels along the x and y axes.

Dot-Single Marking

An alternative to dot marking is dot single marking that works on the principle of oscillation of a needle driven pneumatically or electrically. Dotted single marking is achieved by an advance defined course of the needle.

Portable Marking

For components or products that are too large or heavy to be easily transported around the workshop, you require a method of portable marking. Especially for industries dealing with heavy machinery, vehicles or installations, portable marking machines are the ideal choice. At HeatSign Industry Limited provide a range of portable marking solutions to suit any application from steel hand punches to laser marking machines. You can visit their site and learn more about their products.

Their range of hand held metal marking solutions includes steel type hand stamps, ideal for efficient, on the fly marking of small to medium sized parts. They also supply safety grips for hand stamps to ensure maximum safety and accuracy when using them. They also manufacture a range of hand held engraving solutions such of dot peen marking equipment, along with a top quality laser marker that produces ultra-precise top quality permanent marks.

Their range of portable marking equipment allows you total freedom to mark parts and equipment that are difficult if not impossible to mark using other marking systems.

People from HeatSign.are experts in the permanent and economical labeling of industrial parts and the prevention of counterfeiting. They have been developing and producing high quality systems for laser, conventional, dot and needle marking for more than 10 years. They approach each customer request individually and accurately. Their goal is to achieve the highest possible quality. They attach great importance to the quality development of the labeling system in direct contact with users and the result is a system that is completely user-friendly. They maintain an ongoing dialogue with their customers and their applications that helps them maintain continuous development and innovation to optimize their products range.