Broadband Only Vs Bundle Deals – Which Is The Best Option For You?

Broadband Only Vs Bundle Deals – Which Is The Best Option For You?

A good number of households around the world have broadband and bundled phone packages. That means they enjoy both their broadband and home phone services from the same company and bundled up into the same package. Over the past few years, however, broadband only deals have grown in popularity. For that reason, suppliers have started to offer a selection of options that take care of the growing demand.

Despite the growing popularity of broadband-only deals, the traditional package or bundles have remained as popular as ever. That’s because bundles hold an appeal for both the consumers and the providers.

Bundle Deals And Providers

Despite the availability of broadband only deals, providers still love the bundled deals as they provide a way of pushing their profit margin to greater heights. The provider’s bulk of the cost is to set up and manage each customer on the network. But, today the majority of packages provide a lot of free and disconnected calling that a bit is made from the calls themselves. Therefore, it makes financial sense to provide a lot of services to each customer they have.

Bundle Deals And Consumers

Consumers find it a lot easier and convenient when they choose a bundled deal, as they perceive it to be cheaper and easier to combine the two services. Generally, it’s easier to deal with one supplier and if you’re looking for home broadband and home phone it’s usually cheaper to get them together as a package. But, due to hard-to-explain reasons, a lot of customers accept bundled deals as the only option and are replaced or renewed without putting any thought.

Broadband Only Deals

As the years go by, the perception of consumers is changing, especially due to the prevailing hard economic times. Consumers are now seeing their home phone deals as luxuries, instead of a necessity, and so are looking for broadband only deals that don’t require a home phone.

The most significant issue is that if you go for the broadband over the home phone deal, you’ll require having a working home phone line to receive it. Nevertheless, all you require is an active line and not a home phone plan itself. In other words, what you need is to pay monthly line rental to the provider to ensure your phone line is always active.

A lot of broadband only deals providers recommend that you rent the line from them though some will let you rent it from a provider of your choice. When you divide the services in that manner, you stand a bigger chance of saving huge sums of money because you can shop around to find the best deal.

No-Line Rental Broadband

It’s easy today to find suppliers of home broadband without requiring you to rent a home phone line. These suppliers can provide this service because they own a cable network on which they can offer your broadband.

That’s great for consumers who don’t want a home phone at all. However, it’s important to note that while you’ll be able to avoid line rental, which means cut down cost, you may find their broadband-only deals a bit more expensive than on the phone network. However, the benefit is that some of these suppliers currently offer the fastest broadband, which means that their price might be worth it and it could be a price that you won’t feel bad paying.

The broadband on the cable can reduce if you add other services. While you might require a home phone, you may factor in utilizing their cable TV packages, which will begin to make the bundle more competitive.


Broadband only deals can be cheaper and a good way to save you some bucks if you avail of the service from a reputable provider. Ensure you take your time to research and find out the best supplier.