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Key Recommendations For Choosing Esignature Solution

Not all eSignatures are equal; you have to analyze the differences to see what is the best fit for your business. There are many options for eSignature software on the market, and there are certain differences between them in terms of security, ease-of-use, legality, interoperability and cost. You have to understand your business needs to choose the right eSignature for your business. This article addresses this concern and outlines some key questions to ask vendors prior to purchasing an eSignature solution.

Key Questions

Can the solution deployed on premise?

Does your eSignature solution support on premise implementation? For some organizations, usage of cloud services does not work as they need to have tight control over their documents, data, or security policies. In such scenarios, it is important to make sure the same solution can be set up on the organization’s system internally. This can even help to migrate in the future.

Esignature Solution

Can the document be represented in a flattened view?

Documents should not reveal data during the signing process and presenting documents in a flattened view does not reveal data during the signing process. PDF/A is the best format to go for in businesses.

Does your solution provide data loss prevention?

The solution should ensure effective authentication of end users and control access to the document. Also, the document should download or print only after entering the password or passing through the authentication methods.

Is document history and status tracked?

This allows you to track when the document was opened, reviewed, and signed. Also, this includes a complete tracking history of the document and is made available for every document.

Esignature Solution

Are there any templates?

The templates determine who the signers/reviewers are, the order in which they have to sign, the placeholders for signatures and other user’s access rights. Templates make the user’s life easier, so there is no need to define rules manually every time a document is sent.

Is there any option to mandate form filling or initials?

It is important to allow form field to be filled, initials applied on pages and comments made to the document within the system before signing the document.

Does your solution support user groups?

Most often various employees share the same job role, so the system should allow multiple people to select a document for review and approval. The group feature allows employees with the same job role to access the document simultaneously.

Does your system allow configuring delegate signers?

At times, employees will be on leave when an important document needs to be signed. The system allows you to configure delegates for the signers, so the document can be signed even in their absence.

Can the signature workflow be changed?

When an employee leaves or is unavailable for any reason, the system will allow the document owner to edit the list of signers and assign to someone else.

Esignature Solution

Can I decline the signing request and add comments?

The system should allow you to decline during the signing process and add comments for refusal. This should be included in the signing workflows and the document should be passed on to the next in the approval process, without having to be returned to the sender.

Does your system help prevent users from signing in the wrong place?

This is required to prevent people from signing in the wrong place and resulting in workflow issues as they failed to complete the intended action.

Does the solution allow to merge documents and add attachments?

The solution should allow you to merge documents with others, if required. You should be able to add attachments of any format when needed.

Does the solution support mobile devices?

Around 90% of the workforce uses iPad, iPhone and Android mobile device to get their work done. Therefore, the solution you choose should feature a mobile app and allow users to sign documents on the go.

Esignature Solution

Is the solution cost-effective?

A clear return on investment should be there for investing in an eSignature solution. The solution should be cost-effective in order to minimize the costs associated with traditional paper-based signing and approval process.

Does your solution support multiple languages?

The solution should support multiple languages. Some languages should be set as standards and other languages should be configured based on the request.

Choosing an eSignature solution that comes with the afore-mentioned features such as SutiSign can help you securely sign the documents without any hurdles.