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8 Smashing Ways To Repurpose Your Android Devices (Instead Of Chucking Them)

About two kinds of people exist in the world at present. Those that hold on to the products of the past (2000s iPod, anyone?), and those that ‘live’ for the latest releases (VR, yo!). If you belong to this second category, then hurray, you’re in the same boat as me. Being awfully tech savvy, I’m constantly on the lookout for the new additions to the gadgets family—keeping my ears to the ground especially when it comes to the smartphone industry. Yes, I believe if any device has seen a remarkable evolution over the past few decades, it is the mobile technology, which is still in the run for breaking conventional bounds as we speak. Do you agree?

That is why each time a new smartphone model makes its way on the shelves, I leave no stone unturned in acquiring it and tasting the advanced technological experience it entails. As a rule, I’m often forced to give up my old and outdated devices to make space for the new upgrades. Are you wondering what happens to the abandoned mobiles? I used to simply give them away, either as gifts or as charity. However, more recently, I’ve come across a new solution to bring them back into use. In case you’ve been facing a similar dilemma and have a drawer full of old Android phones, then do check out the following ways you can repurpose your busted smartphones on your own.

Picture Mount

Motion vs stasis is one of the most basic home designing principles. A movement in the background against a still scape has a visual appeal of its own when it comes to creating a great living-room ambiance. You can benefit from this idea by repurposing your old phone as a digital photo frame, which plays the most beautiful moments from your life in a smooth slideshow. Make use of apps like ‘Dayframe’ and ‘PicMotion’ to stream your photos from the gallery or from the cloud.

Monitoring Extension

Breathe life into your old Android phone by reusing its camera for your remote monitoring needs. You can set up the device indoors or outdoors at a covert angle, run the corresponding home security app such as ‘Alfred’ on the host mobile, sync it with your home network, tap into the live video feed over your own current phone, and watch what’s going on from afar. Even better reuse would be as a baby monitor. Erect the device at a safe position over your baby’s crib and keep an eye on him or her while you’re working in the kitchen. Sounds convenient, right?

Convertible Console

One of the most budget-friendly ways to recycle your old Android device is to convert it into a gaming console, which channels all your favorite retro games, whether from Nintendo 64, NES or Atari etc. on the go. The transition process is quite simple. All you have to do is download the console emulator app into the phone, such as ‘My Boy!’, ‘DraStic DS’ or ‘PPSSPP’, over your amazing Windstream internet connection. Then, hook it up with a Bluetooth controller. Finally, cast it on your large screened TV via Google Chromecast or some such service to enjoy your game on an expanded display.

Universal Remote

Configure your Android phone as a universal remote to control your household appliances or your media center. Just make sure that it has an integrated infrared blaster and the right maneuvering app such as ‘Universal TV Remote Control’ to power it up.

Driver Assistance

You can dedicate your ready-for-disposal Android phone as a proper GPS device for your car, to assist you with your navigational needs. Simply download wayfinding apps, like Google Maps or GPS Navigation, in the mobile and mount the device up on the dashboard from where the screen can be easily discerned. Choose your location and get ready to drive hassle-free.

VR Oculus

This is a remarkable repurposing idea for your old Android phone, as it promises to offer you a virtual reality experience without any added cost. Simply get your hands on the Google Cardboard headgear, prop in your device, play VR videos via apps like YouTube VR or VaR’s Video Player, and enjoy the subliminal views right from your chair.

Hotspot Sharing

The internet is a necessity that has gained a monumental status these days. Everywhere the public demand goes like, ‘we want high-speed internet at all places and at all times’. The thing is that we cannot hope to perform most of our daily activities without the availability of the net, whether it’s business transactions or social media handling. That is why people wish to stay constantly connected throughout their lives. If you feel the same way, then repurpose your old Android phone as a distinct hotspot device, which as a safer sharing option and a better control engine. In order to do that, go to the ‘Settings’ and enable the ‘Tethering & Portable Hotspot’ option. Connect the wireless devices in the vicinity and play on.

eBook Player

If you are an ardent book lover yet don’t happen to possess a separate kindle device to play your eBooks, then you can easily turn your old phone into a special eBook reader to satisfy your literary needs—without having to worry about those wanton texts or notifications breaking your flow. Simply download the right digital apps like Moon + Reader into your phone and begin your book-reading binge!

In conclusion, if you’ve got a handful of outdated Android devices that are just lying bare and unused in your home, then you can enhance their utility in the aforementioned ways to give them another purposeful shot at life.