Why PDFelement Pro is Recommended

How to Split PDF into Several Ones in One Step

PDF documents are the most commonly used filed formats by businesses and individuals alike to send information to each other. This is because one can securely share the documents and that anyone irrespective of their hardware, software, or operating system can view the file easily. The original content of the document is also preserved. One can also share the critical information safely without anyone else looking at it than intended as it can be protected with a password. The user can also add a watermark to their documents to protect it from anyone using the content elsewhere. However, there are certain limitations with receiving a PDF document and on that, we will be discussing here splitting the PDF.

For instance, if you have ever received a long PDF, there is a pretty good chance that one particular thought crossed your mind, how can I get to the information that I need in such a big file? Also sharing those large documents can pose its challenges, no one likes to see those dreaded notifications saying, email not delivered as the file you tried to send was too large. These two problems may seem uniquely different, but a simple solution can put them to rest. Why not just split PDF into more manageable sections?

You may be relieved to discover that there are various computer programs and online software tools that make it easy to split PDF into multiple files. A quick online search will pull up a wide range of tools and programs both paid and free allowing you to split PDF file into multiple pages in just a few quick steps. However, splitting a PDF document into several documents can be tricky. Some try to import separate pages as images and then save them individually, but this can be time-consuming and the final product may not be as good as expected. The best tool amongst the pool of PDF splitting tools to help you split PDF pages is the PDFelement Pro.

Why PDFelement Pro is Recommended

PDFelement Pro is the best tool to split PDF into multiple pages. This tool is very advanced with an easy-to-use interface that can allow you to perform a lot of editing tasks on PDF documents. The interface puts the entire program’s main functions on its Home screen which enable you to easily edit, create, convert, combine, or batch process PDFs as well as access a library of PDF templates. With the PDFelement Pro tool on your hands, you can not only do all this but split PDF pages in half. This PDF splitter tool offers various ways to split PDF into multiple files. One can not only divide the PDF by bookmark, a selected range of pages but also split it averagely and after splitting, the files can be quickly uploaded and shared.

In addition to splitting standard PDFs, you can easily and quickly split protected PDFs as well. If you want to split permission password-protected PDFs, you can do so without a password and for open password-protected PDFs, you can split PDF document by entering the right password to proceed with the process.

The program also includes a full slate of annotation tools, including text highlighting, sticky notes, signatures, shapes, stamps, and freehand markup. Sharing the documents for review is also easy with options for emailing and tracking DocSend as well as sending it to Dropbox and Google Drive.

Now let’s take a look at how to split PDF into multiple pages

How to Split PDF into Several Ones with PDFelement Pro

Step 1 – Download and Install PDFelement Pro

The first step to starting with any process whether it is to split PDF, convert, create, or merge you need to install the program. To obtain this high-quality PDF splitter and editor, visit the official website and download and then install the PDFelement Pro. The installation process will be finished within a few minutes and you are ready to work with this program.

Step 2 – Open the PDF File

Launch the PDFelement Pro and then open the PDF file you want to split by clicking on the Open File button and browse your device to find the file. It also allows the option to open your files by dragging and dropping them into the program. This is the easiest way to do so.

Step 3 – Use the Split Tool

On the main page of the PDF splitter tool, click the Page tab and you will see a group of buttons that allow you to manage the PDF pages such as page boxes, extract, insert, rotate or replace the PDF pages. Click on the Split button to split PDF document.

Step 4 – Separate PDF Pages

As soon as you click on the Split button, a new window will appear. In this window, you can select the page numbers or top-level bookmarks to split PDF file. After you have selected what you need, click on OK to complete the process. You will see the new PDF files saved in the output folder.

The number of pages tab allows you to split PDF into individual pages. For instance, if you want to split PDF pages in half and your PDF has 10 pages, then you can enter 5 in the maximum pages box. The program will turn every 5 pages into a separate PDF file, so you will have 2 PDF files that contain 5 pages each.

Top-level bookmarks will help you split PDF pages into separate files according to how the bookmarks are set.


When you want to professionally split PDF into several ones, you can trust PDFelement Pro to do that for you easily. You get the same quality of documents as the original PDF but in smaller bites. The split PDF is easy to email as well. With this PDF splitter, you can also convert multiple PDFs to editable file formats in batches.  And iSkysoft provides 50% discount off now. Do not miss it.