How to make your Android Browsing Private

How to make your Android Browsing Private

This is an exceptionally fantastic web browser with many unique features. This web browser is 3 to 6 times faster than other web browser applications. This can be used by any device owner such as Android, IOS, MAC OS, and Windows since this Brave Private Browser is compatible with any platform. You can browse your data without being tracked by anyone. You can install this private browser from play store or third-party app stores like AC Market and Aptoide.

Features of this Private Browser

This is a fast and secure web browser. This is 3 to 6 times faster than the Chrome browser. There’s no buffer time at all. You can prevent the low speed, which happens because of the web browser.

Private browsing feature: Brave Private Browser provides its users the facility to anonymously browse on the internet. You cannot be tracked when you are browsing through the web browser.

Add block feature: You don’t need a separate add blocker to block unwanted apps. Brave Private Browser has an inbuilt adblocker with itself. You will be required a separate ad block extension when you are browsing from a common web browser. But when using this Private web browser, you can doubtlessly remove unwanted ads that bother you. Browser apps need more RAM to work smoothly. You can use RAM management tools like Clean Master to free up RAM.

It is not comfortable when the unwanted apps and malware view in the browser when you are working on it. If we click the ads unknowingly, we will be redirected to other unwanted sites. So, by using this web browser, you can prevent such situations.

If your browser closes for some reason, this Brave Private Web Browser provides you the facility to continue again from the place you left and view it until it ends.

Automatic Privacy: You don’t have any features to turn on or turn off. It automatically transmits data through the browser with a highly secure data encryption method.

Blocks third-party cookies: This function, which blocks third-party cookies, circularly affects your data’s privacy and security. You can save your data because there won’t be any unwanted apps popping up while you are engaged in work.

This Brave Private Browser does not require any large memory. It only needs a bit of memory to function.

This does not affect your device’s performance. It won’t even drain your battery when you are browsing through this Brave Private Browser.

Yet another special feature of this web browser application is that you can play videos in the background. You can shift to the home screen while you are playing the video you browse. This can be introduced as a useful function since it helps you to do multiple tasks.

You can try this browser on Android TV too. For that you can use Filelinked. Filelinked helps you to install Apk files on Android TV without any restrictions.


Brave Private Browser is a fast and safe internet browser where you can browse the internet without any problem. Over 10 million user downloads this web browser application, which proves that it is quite a famous web browser application among people. After installing the application to your device, you should permit access to certain areas such as Camera, Location, Microphone, and Storage. You can even disable them from your settings. Still, it is better to access the permit if you want to experience this application’s best performances. So, hurry up.