How to Install the Theme in Magento?

How to Install the Theme in Magento?

What Is Meant by Magento?

The Magento is one of the open source e-commerce platforms which is written in the PHP. It can use the multiple PHP frameworks like laminas and Symfony. The source code is distributed under the open software license (OSL). The software developed by the Varien Inc.

What Are the Benefits of Custom Magento Development Company?

The benefits of the Custom Magento Development company is given by,

  • Open source – The cost is completely free and flexible in nature.
  • Great scalability and SEO friendly
  • Customizable and faster page loading
  • Adaptable hosting options
  • Multi websites options
  • Easy integration with the third party software
  • Secured e-commerce websites
  • Prudent reporting and made for marketing
  • Extraordinary features and easy coding for the developers.
  • Versatile and user friendly
  • Magento is available in three editions. They are community edition or open source, enterprise edition, and hosted solution.

What Are the Advantages of Using the Magento Store Development?

The advantages of using the Magento store development is given by,

  • Versatile content management
  • Mobile friendly configuration
  • Advanced search engine optimization
  • Powerful and spacious
  • Built-in up sellers and cross sell
  • Easy third party integrations
  • Customize security permissions
  • Intelligent filtered search for the shoppers
  • A gigantic community
  • Saves the time and money.

How to Install the Theme in Magento?

You can install one or multiple themes for your sites and stores in your project. The theme includes the multiple static files like images, fonts, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and more designs for your store.

Get started with the branch:

  • On your local workstation, you can change to your cloud project directory.
  • Next switch on the magneto file system owner.
  • Log in to your magneto project and list your projects.
  • List the environments in the project
  • Fetch the origin branches to get the latest codes
  • Check out the specific branch and environment
  • You can use the environment ID to pull the updated code to your local workstations. This is compulsory when the environment branch is new and snap the environment as a backup.

Install the theme manually:

  • You can copy the theme code under for the admin theme. You must verify the top level directory if you are skip this step the theme will not properly be installed.
  • You must confirm that the theme is copied to the right place.
  • Add and commit the files
  • Then push the files in to your branch and wait for the deployment to complete
  • Next, log in to the Magento admin
  • Finally click the content > designs > themes. The theme will display in the right place.

Install a theme using the composer:

  • You can purchase the theme from the Magento market place
  • Get the theme composer name
  • Then you can change the Magento root directory and you can enter the comment
  • You must wait for the dependencies to updated and enter the commands
  • Finally, log in to the Magento admin.

What Are the Steps Involving in The Installing of a New Theme in Magento?

  • Download the theme that you are need to install. You will go to the download page and click the download button.
  • Upload the theme to your server.
  • Next, it’s time to upgrade and install the new theme on your Magento store. First, you have to connect to the server via SSH. Then you can upgrade and install your new theme.
  • Choose the new theme in the Magento store. There are two options in the choosing of the theme. They are the ThemeForest and Magento market place.
  • Now you can set up the new theme.

These are steps are involving in installing the new theme in the Magento store.

What Are the Reasons for Using the Magento Store?

  • Open source platform
  • It has the rich features
  • It is high scalability and high security
  • SEO friendliness
  • Multiple stores and language support
  • It has a high performance
  • It gives a good mobile experience
  • It has the numerous extensions
  • It has the capability of easy third party integrations.

These are the major reasons for using the Magento stores.