Getting Your Business on Google Maps

Getting Your Business on Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most used websites/apps in the world. With over 100 million monthly downloads, it’s as popular as it is useful.

Google Maps is a truly remarkable website, offering everyone on earth comprehensive maps of the world at the touch of a button. But if your business isn’t listed on the site, you’re missing out. Customers may not know that your products and services are available in their area.

Wondering how to get your business on Google Maps and make the most of Google Maps for business? We can help. Read on for some handy tips.

How to Get Your Business on Google Maps

Getting your business on Google Maps might be simpler than you’d think. You’ll simply add your business to Google’s database using the following steps.

  • Visit Google My Business and click “get on Google”
  • Input your business name and address
  • Select or add your business
  • Verify your business

Although most of the process is quick and easy, the last step might take a little time. Google will send you a postcard featuring a pin number. It can take one or two weeks for the card to arrive, but as soon as it’s with you, you can input the pin and you’ll be safely verified!

Get Local Citations

A Google Maps listing is an important local SEO citation. Local citations help you rank higher on Google. These can help you stand out on Google Maps and draw in visitors through web searches too.

Get Extra Benefits With a Photo Sphere

Getting your business listed on Google Maps is a great start. But there are more benefits of Google Maps for business.

Many big businesses choose to add a photo sphere to their Google Maps location. This functions as an extension of Street View, allowing visitors to come in off the street and take a digital look around your business. You can take a 3D photo, allowing potential customers to look around your store.

To get a photo sphere, you’ll first need to have a 3D photo taken. This will require special equipment and is best done by a professional. Be sure to put your best foot forward as these pictures will be the face of your company to many digital viewers!

Next, you’ll need to access the Maps website or app. Tap the create photo sphere option, add your pictures, and you’re all done!

A World of Great Content

The benefits of listing your business on Google Maps are endless. It’s a great way to build your digital presence and attract customers from near and far. It also adds an air of legitimacy to your business.

We hope you enjoyed learning how to get your business on Google Maps. If you’re looking for more great content, you don’t need an atlas to find it. Our blog is packed full of informative and entertaining tech articles, so check it out.