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Dedicated Server Or Shared Hosting Services: Choose Your Option Wisely

The decision of getting the best possible server and hosting services for all your websites not only depends on the service provider but also upon you. Among all the kinds of servers that are available in the market, the VPS is the most difficult one. You always think of getting the right one that fits your requirements and needs.

Shared hosting or dedicated hosting? It is always a question for you. Both of them are good depending upon your website requirements. Certain factors are there depending on which you need to choose the perfect for your company. A dedicated server can be accessed by you. On the other hand, you need to share the resources with multiple servers in case of shared servers.

Shared hosting vs. Dedicated servers

Shared hosting and dedicated servers both have advantages in various ways but certain factors make them different from each other. Get to know the comparisons between shared and dedicated hosting at a glance.


Dedicated servers are extremely dependable and trustworthy which makes it the most chosen servers for multiple website owners who experience huge traffic. Shared hosting services have high chances of downtime or slowdowns. You can take this option if you have a single website or one that has low traffic.


Protection or security is another important factor that you need to think before opting for either shared or dedicated hosting services. With the shared one, you can get server security and firewalls installed in your server by hosting companies. But for a dedicated server, you have the responsibility to install security programs according to the hardware and software configuration.

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Costs or Price

Every server and service needs to have a moderate cost. For shared services, all the resources are shared hence the cost is lower. On the other hand, dedicated servers are only used by you so the cost is much higher. Some of the questions that you need to know before making the final decision are:

  • The kind of control that you need for hosting.
  • The monthly and daily traffic of your website.
  • The security requirements for the site.
  • The designated budget.
  • The number of users.


The hardware gets distributed among all the servers in case of shared hosting services. It means that you get to use less of the disk space, storage, bandwidth, and other resources of the service provider. And if you surpass your allotted amount, then you have to pay extra. But for a dedicated server, you can use it according to the traffic of your website.

The Need for Technical Knowledge and Skill

Technical skills and knowledge is also important to know before choosing a server for your website. If you are looking for the most hassle-free one, then it has to be the shared hosting. As it has more than one user, the responsibility of maintaining and controlling the site is upon the hosting company. Dedicated hosting can prohibit parties that have limited technical skills and knowledge.

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