How To Create A Marketing Plan

What is a Marketing Plan?

A Marketing Plan a Marketing Strategy is a blueprint that summarizes the marketing efforts of a certain company for the upcoming/incoming year. The purpose of having this kind of plan is to show the actions that will be taken to achieve the goals of the company. But before showing you the steps on how to create a Marketing plan, you should remember that your plan should start with a customer problem. You should also research to fully understand what your potential customers or clients are looking for and what they want. After making those two pre-steps, you can then create a marketing plan that will help attract the audience to your product.


Define your ideal customer

Your ideal costumers are the ones who buy your product most often and these are the people your product or service can mostly help with. Your ideal costumers may vary in age, income level and gender. Defining your ideal costumer will help figure out the marketing efforts for your product and will also help you determine your marketing budget as well. Example, if you sell mobile phones, your ideal costumer might be a female or male between 25-40 years old since these people are more engaging and active when it comes to buying the type of product you are selling.

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Solve your costumer’s problem

Costumers have issues they would like you to help them out with. If both you and your clienteles work on a particular issue, you might be able to find a problem you can address.

Apply the Marketing ideas to your product and ideal customer

Once you identified your ideal costumer and solved the problem with your product or service, you can now think of the key elements of your marketing. You should think widely about strategies you’ll need to market your product. Planning the budget, packaging, the mode of transaction and entire delivery process are some of the key elements you should definitely look into when applying ideas to your product and your ideal costumer/s. Also, be aware of the possible outcomes yourMarketing plan will have, and also be mindful of the problems you might encounter in trying to make your plan work. These reminders will help you think broadly as to what concepts you should consider most helpful for your product.