The Great Plantornics CS540 Headset

The Plantronics CS540 headset is a flagship wireless headset. The device comes with amazing features, improved performance, streamlined base with the same wireless productivity and dependability that has made the Plantornics CS540 Headset series as one of the best sellers in the industry. Users can go hands-free and also multi-task around 350 feet from their work station with answer, mute and end controls right at their fingertips.

No matter what your preferences are, with three wearing options there is literally no match to your personal style. You can enjoy the sleek modern design of the latest system, wireless mobility and premium wideband audio quality, all of these amazing features with same reliability for hands-free productivity that has already made the CS family as the best seller for more than a decade. With the Plantornics CS540 Headset, the bar has been raised once again for the desk phone headset systems.

The headset is made available with three different wearing style options, over the head, behind the neck and over the ear. Each one of them is sold separately. The HL10 Handset Lifter adds remote convenience; moreover, choosing an Electronic Hookswitch Cable to add remote call capability helps eliminate the requirement for a Handset lifter.

This is the lightest headset available on the market, it weighs only 21 grams. You can enjoy the feature of audio control right at your fingertips with mute and volume adjuster simplifying your desk phone call management. The talk time is up to 7 hours. You will enjoy extraordinary sound quality while you are multi-tasking or roaming up to 350 feet from your workstation.

The enhanced DSP (Digital Signal Processing) provides a nature sound with clear audio as the way it is intended to be heard. With the convenient auto answer feature, you will be able to answer or end calls only by removing and replacing the headset from its charging base.

plantronics-cs540-wireless-headset.jpg (650×415)

Without any doubts, the Plantornics CS540 Headset is the best business or call center wireless headset. You do not really have much to alter, and the unit works on just voice frequency. However, if you still find it tough to operate, you can check more details at Plantronics CS540 setup page. It is very obvious that the Plantronics design supreme quality wireless headsets and CS540 Headset is surely one of them. Get more information on Plantronics headsets at Headsets Plus.