Advantages of Multi Function Printers

Today, most printer manufacturers create and sell multi-functional printers. Each model has a lot of features. These are from a lot of machines that get combined in one equipment. Examples are fax, scan, print and copy capabilities.

It was initially for small business and home users. But, a lot of manufacturers offer more robust and larger models. They target medium and large companies. If you plan to purchase a multi-function printer, you must know the different advantages of buying new equipment.

Here are the 6 Advantages of Having Multi-function Printers for Your Business

1. Space Savings


First, the best benefit for a multi-functional printer is the device’s space savings. You need space when you buy a printer, a scanner, and a fax machine. You only need to worry about a single area for one device. This feature benefits a small business that maximizes their home office space. Also, people working in a limited space prefer a multi-functional printer.

2. Convenience

Secondly, a multi-functional printer’s extra features are convenient. For instance, you use a fax machine on rare times. So you don’t need to buy a single fax machine. But, a multi-functional printer can fax. This feature allows you to fax without extra cost. Also, it saves you time in going to separate devices for two different tasks.

3. Cost Saving

Multi-function printers when purchased save costs. This machine can do many functions. A multi-functional printer is more costly than a traditional printer.

In spite of this, its total cost is lower than buying several machines. Also, maintenance cost for one device is cheaper than sustaining multiple devices. All of these don’t even include the replacement costs if each device gets destroyed.

4. Power Savings

Several devices each require one cord to power all the machines. In contrast, a multi-function printer needs one wire to turn on. It decreases cable congestion. Also, it reduces the energy that is required to run the equipment. Most of all, it means an increase in cost savings.

5. Environmentally Friendly

A single machine saves more energy, unlike multiple devices that consume more. It has a major impact on the environment. Imagine, it uses one cord, not like numerous devices with its cable clutter.

6. Reduced Carbon Footprint

Lastly, many brands of equipment may mean buying different types of toners. It is costly and adds to the piles in the trash can. The result is a lot of waste that has a massive effect on the environment. In contrast, an all-in-one device only requires one toner. Thus, your company’s carbon footprint reduces.


All in all, it is best to buy a multi-functional printer. It is reliable, efficient, eco-friendly and saves your company floor space. It even reduces your cost of operations. Plus, it improves your business workflow process. Getting a multi-functional device is better than buying different tools to do your work.

But keep in mind, that when the device fails, you will lose a lot of features. A single problem can cause a big problem in your business’ operations.