You Can Now Calculate Human Density With A Calculation Device

You Can Now Calculate Human Density With A Calculation Device

All stores nowadays have a person or software letting you in only when the headcount inside the store is within the allowable limit.  While standing outside, you’re wondering – who’s doing the counting, and how do they know how many is enough? See some more about it here.

According to the World Health Organization, people should practice social distancing. In stores, this is almost impossible especially between peak hours, sale season, or almost always on the weekends.

However, some general rules apply. If you’re having a store of 100 square feet, you should have more than 3 to 4 people inside. Accordingly, a store of 1,000 square feet, shouldn’t have more than 40 people inside.

The chance for someone to get infected is way lower when people maintain social distance. That’s why they must maintain distance. However, if there are lots of people trying to get inside, and there’s only so much room, then some of them must get out.

How To Always Maintain Order?

We live in times when information on the internet is overrated leading to false information. Millions of people are convinced that there is no deadly virus out there. They choose to believe what they only want to believe and just follow the rules because of it. If they have the chance, they’ll get in without caring that they are doing a bad thing.

However, if you clearly show how many people can be in the store at once, and the number is publicly displayed, they’ll simply have to obey the rules otherwise they will have to shop somewhere where rules don’t apply.

To do this, it’s best to have an automatic machine displaying the number, instead of having a person always counting and maintaining order. This is nearly impossible when you have a giant store in which hundreds of people are getting in and going out at the same time.

Just think about the malls, there are thousands inside. No one can maintain order without the help of technology. That’s why there are people counters who use cameras.  With the development of technology today, this people counting method can easily be done without any hassle and almost always accurate.

How Do These Machines Work?

These machines are called people counters. They are equipped with a  sensor just like those doors that open automatically. The counter simply counts how many people walked in, and how many got out.

They are usually run by batteries and pose no threat to humans. They are nearly invisible and will take no space. They are also too easy to install, and operating them requires no additional effort.

If you want to learn a little more about them, you can check sites like where essential information is readily available about these items.

Why Would You Need Something Like This?

There’s an enormous chance of getting infected these days. If you’re running a store, the obligation to preserve your clients’ health should be kept at top priority at all times. Fulfilling all the required suggestions and rules is a must.

Of course, you don’t need to get this for your home. You already know precisely how many people are staying in your home. This is an item made for businesses. Not that it’s not going to work in your home, but there’s no need for it.

Having a business is more complex. You should make sure that you’re doing everything in your power to protect the employees too. Customers come and go, and you as a manager, are also not present there at all times. The employees, on the other hand, need to contact the clients non-stop. See more about this here.

Reducing the number of people inside is a must. Use this item to prevent people from getting in, and always be aware of how many are there inside. Don’t let a person more than the amount suggested by the officials.

You Can Now Calculate Human Density With A Calculation Device


Instead, you should pick a counter sensor and see how everything’s digitalized. Clients and employees will always know how many are inside and will know if they should wait outside. Check out a little more about this here:

Getting a people counter is a great way to take care of the people in your business. With today’s advanced technology, gathering accurate data will surely be a win-win situation for all.