Status On The Whatsapp

Whatsapp Introduces A New Feature Close The Status

WhatsApp, the most popular My Contacts app, has introduced a feature that lets you completely turn off the status of anyone who won’t appear in the Status section even after scrolling.

Earlier, the WhatsApp introduced a feature in which users could turn off a person’s status, but that status appeared at the bottom of the Status section after scrolling the mobile screen.

But now WhatsApp has introduced a feature that allows users to completely shut down the unwanted person’s status and disappear from the status section.

Not all users of WhatsApp will still be able to use this feature to disable status completely because it is only available on the updated version of WhatsApp.

Users can use this feature by downloading an updated version of the WhatsApp app from the ‘Mirror of the app’ to access this new WhatsApp feature.

This new WhatsApp feature was first introduced in June in beta version 2.19.183 of WhatsApp, as soon as users activate this feature in WhatsApp, all automatically closed status, from the Status section. Will disappear completely.


The user has to enable this feature on the mobile phone, after which the user can block the status of the person they do not want to see by going to the three-point menu option, there will be an arrow on the screen. After pressing it will return to the status of the closed state.