What Are the Advancements in Lipsticks?

What Are the Advancements in Lipsticks?

Lipstick is considered to be the major aspect of your make-up. It portrays a confident and bold look. Lipsticks can undoubtedly change your look and theme just within a second. From soft baby pink lipsticks making you look cute to bold and powerful red lipsticks giving you that hot look, making you stand out. With the growing demands, lipsticks have certain advancements going out too:

Lipstick packaging:

Before the well-known metal lipstick tube was invented, the lipsticks were sold in jars or paper tubes. Two Americans are known for bringing this fabulous design and pattern of lipstick packaging. Nevertheless, this swivel-up lipstick design is one of the best patterns and is very compatible to carry or apply on the lips. The future of lipsticks, their designs, and new strategies for better sales can be looked upon here at 1HQ.

Long stay:

As much as lipsticks are expected to be pocket-friendly and have appreciative shades, they are also expected to stay for as long as possible. Now be it the ladies or the men around us, once we leave our house, for studies, lectures, for work, or for a party, we cannot keep touching up our lips and keep applying the lipstick again and again. The advancements made to resolve this issue are the long (12 hours or so) stay. These days, the lipsticks are extremely waterproof and stay for a very long duration.

Lip care:

The advanced brand and their lipstick products, being worked upon, do not only give your look a new tint but also help in lip care. We often apply lip balms when we’re home, to heal our chapped lips, and to give them a natural pinkish tone. Well, the future lipsticks won’t just offer colors but would give out some other properties too. You would be able to exfoliate your lips with a gel scrub and a lot such other options too.

Automated response:

The future lipsticks would be responsive just the way we could never imagine before. Taking off the cap would turn it on and putting the cap back on would turn it off. Coming to the different tones, be it shiny, glossy, or matte, you would be able to control this feature by just applying a little pressure or speaking/giving out a command.

Smart application:

Applying the right shade and tone is no more going to be an issue. The scanning technology in this new range of futuristic lipsticks is going to help a lot in applying the correct shade that suits your contour, the theme of your make-up, and your look. Whether you want an outlined lip make-up or if you want a normal basic make-up, it is going to be pretty easy choosing from the two in the new futuristic lipstick.

These were some of the advancements expected in the upcoming lipstick technologies. These are but-obvious going to be the best ones and holding the prime popularity in the forthcoming days. Having such technologies not just gives the perfect look, but also is very time-saving. #ProductPredictions.