Using Manychat And Ai For Business Growth

With the right technology, you can easily improve your business and have a better chance to be among the best in the industry. Running a business has never been easier because you have every piece of information you need on internet and that is why we have so many young entrepreneurs succeeding in their goals. The possibilities are numerous but you need to follow trends if you want to compete with others.

The reason why many startups fail is the lack of research they do. You need to know how to make a business plan, do marketing, know your number, know how to do SEO or how to use ManyChat. In most processes that take away too much time, you can use smart tech. Chatbots that use artificial intelligence is something that is going to be used the most for customer service and marketing.

Types of Chatbots

There are two main types that don’t have a certain name for them but they are just lower quality and higher quality. Sometimes you won’t need the best bot because it is more expensive and it demands more computer power and storage. When it comes to lower quality, they usually have prewritten scripts that are set of questions presented to the user. These questions are not complex, they can solve simple issues. They are activated by direct commands meaning it can’t work on its own the user needs to start the conversation.

High-quality bots use artificial intelligence and are more sophisticated programs. They have learning possibilities which means that they will gather information about the user and about the problems and use it to refine the answer they provide. This is much more complex and we don’t have bots that are perfect and can manage everything on their own but the technology is there. They can have better features and improve the ones they have now.

How to Make a Bot?

It can be hard to make a bot that uses artificial intelligence because you will need strong computing power and memory which only bigger companies have. Most online stores will use a normal bot that only answers the questions that are prewritten. There are a lot of websites you can visit that allow you to make it online by inputting the questions and answers that will be displayed. It is much cheaper and it can help you have a customer service that works 24/7. But, you shouldn’t rely on it 100% because the questions visitors ask can’t be always answered by the chatbot. They can be much complex and will demand to talk to a real person. Read more on this website.

Difference the Users Notice

Even if lower quality bots are used more, the biggest problem is that everyone notices that they are talking to a bot. This can be annoying to many customers because they can’t get to the answer they wanted. People use messages more than making a call but still, it is much different to talk to a bot and a real person.

When you have the best possible software, your customers won’t even notice that they are talking to an AI. They learned to adapt to people meaning you have delays when providing the answer and a more pleasant tone to the messages. They can use phrases and act like a real person just to make the customer satisfied.

How It Improves Your Business?

You will notice that there are numerous advantages for your business and many ways you can use a bot. The main reason to have it is the reduced workload your staff will have because it can replace a portion of their job for the whole day seven days a week. When your company grows, it can be hard for your staff to handle every single customer. This is the point when many companies fail and get unsatisfied customers. Your workers can only focus on more complex issues while the program works on simple ones.

You won’t need the number of people you used to have because it works 24h per day. It gives you enough time to realize what problem your clients have so you can work on it when your shift starts. Another way to use it is for promotion. They have the ability to turn leads into sales because they are used as a marketing tool. It can explain the basics of your product and how to get it.

The overall experience your customers have is different because it allows them to get to know the product and make the purchase directly from the chat on their mobile device. It is the quickest way to make a sale when something looks interesting and if you target the right audience. Your employees don’t have endless memory storage so they can remember every situation and every piece of information when talking to a client which can’t be said for a bot. They can save and use everything they learn.

Will Customers Accept Chatbots?

There can be many improvements made when it comes to these programs but for now, they are doing great. This can be noticed by many companies that use it to improve sales. The main reason why would people use it is the quick responses and availability. It is much easier to communicate and they can avoid talking to a real person to solve an issue. This means a lot to new generations because they like to text more and avoid conversation with an employee.

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With new functions that will be available, there is no doubt people will accept this method of running a business. At some point, it won’t be recognizable if you speak to a bot or a real person. The only difference will be that the bot does a better job. It will have its own personality but when it comes to business, it won’t make mistakes as some people do. Anyone that knows how to use it or uses it will recommend it. The advantage is that you can use it in almost every major platform.