Use SMS Marketing Platforms to Connect Businesses with Customers

Use SMS Marketing Platforms to Connect Businesses with Customers

SMS marketing platforms are incredibly versatile tools for a variety of businesses. The software and services that we highlighted in this article are all fairly robust and offer competitive pricing.

Most SMS marketing products integrate with other business applications through an API, but some are included as a feature of marketing automation software or email marketing software. Businesses that are looking to harness additional capabilities for targeting mobile devices may use push notification software or mobile marketing software.

VOXOX provides APIs to allow integrations to make their services compatible with third-party apps and programs. Tasks such as event management, customer support, and general reminders are made simpler using VOXOX’s features, making life a lot easier for many marketing agencies and businesses.

Small businesses need SMS marketing software just as much as any other company. VOXOX accommodates smaller enterprises to make sure they have the tools they need to reach their customers.

While VOXOX’s user interface might not seem impressive, its quality comes from its simplicity and integrability with other applications. VOXOX can generate new numbers for businesses to contact their customers using local landlines and phone services, providing an unlimited number of contacts and canned responses.

You can set up auto-replies during non-business hours while scheduling specific messages to go out during the day. The VOXOX app allows users to import contacts while including a call-forwarding feature that forwards all calls made to your business to your phone or landline.

Best of all, VOXOX allows users to integrate its features with thousands of other applications using its platform. This means more automation and an overall easier time for small businesses to manage their outreach.