Trends Expected to Show Up in the Online Casino Industry in 2021

Trends Expected to Show Up in the Online Casino Industry in 2021

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused turmoil in practically every type of business in Portugal. While it caused an adverse financial effect to most business owners, some have actually been doing well. Simply businesses that promote online services have been blooming since mid-March: Netflix, Zoom, Twitter, Amazon, just to mention a few.

The online casino industry has seen a similar boom since land-based casino lovers also turned for the online versions of their favourite games. During the first half of 2020, in Portugal, revenue from online gaming has surpassed the revenue that land-based casinos generated, for the first time in history.

However, the pandemic is not the only factor that has been changing the online gambling industry. We discussed what is likely to happen in 2021 with online casino expert and marketing specialist, Martim Nabeiro. To read more about Martim, click here.

A Rise in Popularity of Esports

Esports has been rising exponentially for the past few years. While playing video games used to be done purely for entertainment, now it is a competition where top performers can win huge real money prizes. On top of that all, the best players have millions of followers on Twitch and online casinos that offer sports betting often offer the possibility to place bets on esports.

Again, with real sports events being cancelled this year, many sports betting fans turned towards Esports betting. Esports players in Portugal have collectively won over $1.6 million in prize money which puts the country on the 49th place on the global chart.

Mobile Gaming

Not all casinos offer great mobile apps, but for example, 888casino does. Before signing up on a new casino’s website it is always recommended to read detailed casino reviews made by independent parties.

Today smartphones are used by over 32% of people globally, and mobile networks and wifi connections are becoming faster and faster in every corner of the world. Mobile games can be played at any place, any time and casinos provide great apps and mobile-optimized games to their clients.

No wonder that playing casino games and betting on smart devices have become this popular. Mobile betting incomes are now actually higher than income generated from bets placed on casinos’ websites.

Virtual Reality Becoming Increasingly Popular

Virtual reality is fun. Despite the expensive equipment one needs, many agree that the experience is worth it. More and more casinos nowadays offer their games through VR goggles that transport players to another level of reality. Casino industry trends indicate further growth in VR when it comes to their games.

Focus on Responsible Gaming

Focus on Responsible Gaming

Reputable casinos all focus on the wellbeing of their customers. They want people to have a good experience and to only wager money that they can afford to lose. While most gamblers are recreational, some lose large sums of money and fall into depression. Most responsible casinos take this seriously and are implementing new tools to help their customers know their limits or stop them from playing before it is too late.

Low-betting Options and Bonuses

The demographics of the gambling industry is changing and people from different financial backgrounds sign up in online casinos. To cater to everyone many casinos are allowing low-betting options thus gaining further clientele.

The wide variety and availability of different bonuses are also on the rise. Expert gamblers know exactly how to monetize on these bonuses and sign up on many casinos offering them. Casinos are therefore competing with each other with bonus offers and come up with new ones to appeal to more and more people.


The casino business is still on the rise. New trends like Virtual reality and Esports are shaping the industry while the widespread use of smartphones and Internet access facilitate this growth. Casinos try to cater to wider demographics while doing their best to eliminate the problem of gambling addictions.