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Top 5 Vps Hosting Providers In 2020 Of India: Milesweb Takes The 1st Position

To start with let’s first understand the difference between shared hosting and VPS hosting.
For newbie’s, shared hosting is a simple option to set up a site and start accepting visitors instantly. But it can backfire you, when websites become popular because more resources are consumed and more sessions are delivered each moment. In the long run, it can lead to website crashing down or slow to a crawl.

A Virtual Private Server, or VPS, is an enhanced option as compared to shared hosting. It’s a single server that is split into individual virtual machines that run their own operating systems handling custom configurations. Cheap VPS offers dedicated resources (RAM and CPU) unlike shared hosting and doesn’t get affected due to the other websites on the server.

Keeping it short, VPS is perfect if you want to reap the benefits of your own dedicated server, but can’t afford to buy it.

If you upgrade to a single or cloud-based VPS, you will get instant deployment, low startup costs, and will need to pay only for services that you use and easy upgrades.

There are numerous Virtual Private Server companies out there right now, which are irresistible. Luckily, that’s what this article is on – we’ll make the selection simple for you.


MilesWeb.png (780×410)

MilesWeb is a great hosting company that aims to offer solid server performances with quality and instant customer support. MilesWeb is good for both new and experienced users that want to move on their website to VPS.

Their VPS hosting plans are based on KVM hypervisor and are available in multiple sizes with various technical components. The plans are fully managed with dedicated resources to create and manage separate cPanels.

Their VPS hosting plans are equipped with the key features such as a full root SSH access, SSDs for improved speed, choice of server locations, and 24/7 VIP customer support. MilesWeb offer both Linux and cheap Windows VPS plans, so you can choose as per your hosting requirements.

Customer-friendly with instant support, reliable and popular for their speed, MilesWeb ranks no.1 in the list of VPS hosting providers for website site load speed, stability and security.

Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion-Hosting.png (780×410)

Inmotion Hosting offers you exceptional server performances with an uptime of 99.9% and low Time-To-First-Byte. Additionally, they offer a solid customer service. For the best server performance, their VPS hosting plan is highly recommended.

With Inmotion Hosting, you get key features such as free cPanel license with enterprise-grade CertOS and SSL certificate & SSDs for extra security and high-speed hosting. This makes them a great choice for users that need high-control.

You can see that Inmotion Hosting doesn’t offer Windows VPS hosting.


host.png (780×410)

With Hostinger you get a 6-tier plan for their VPS hosting services, which you can select to match the needs of your website. Their 1st Plan offers the basic specs with 1,000 GB (aka 1TB) of bandwidth, 20 GB of disk space, and about 1 GB of RAMs. For more resources, you can select for Plan 6 which gives you a whopping 8 GB of RAM, 160 GB of disk space and 6,000 GB of bandwidth.

The other key strength of Hostinger VPS hosting is that they offer 30x faster speed as compared to the average shared hosting services. This makes them as one of the fastest VPS hosting providers on the market, so if speed is important to you, then Hostinger is a great choice.

Also, if you compare their price with other VPS hosts it is ridiculously low for a VPS of this configuration. So, Hostinger proves its feature of excellent value for money as true. You can see that Inmotion’s prices are a bit too high for you and so, Hostinger would be the next best choice.

A2 Hosting

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Similar to other providers, A2 Hosting also provides the best speed for your website with their VPS hosting. Their VPS plans include technology such as the Railgun Optimizer, preconfigured server caching, and SSD storage for its servers. Also, their 24/7/365 Guru Crew is available to resolve customer queries and ensure high performance.

Apart from offering all the essential features that you would need for a VPS hosting, such as the ability to use cPanel, Linux OS, and root access, their major strength lies in offering unparalleled server speed.


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Though VPS is cheaper than dedicated servers, it still is relatively pricey on most hosting providers. HostGator VPS plans are reasonably priced and are both reliable and simple to use. If you are a blogger and want a simple and flexible VPS hosting solution, then HostGator is for them.

The key features that they offer comprise of a full root access, one-click upgrade system, a number of free development tools, and an offsite backup.

Wrapping Up

There are top 5 VPS hosting providers listed in this article based on the customer experience. One thing is for sure, all of them give best server performance, customer support, reliability and ease of use as well as faster speed.

After comparing all of them, MilesWeb seems to be a much better option though their prices are a bit high than Hostinger. But you shouldn’t miss the point of features that it offers.