The Top 5 Most Popular Video Games of 2021

The Top 5 Most Popular Video Games of 2021

During the current outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, we all got stuck at home. Our most common entertainment was video games, and keeping in mind that there’s been more than a couple of months since the first lockdown, we’re sure that it’s been kinda boring playing that one game all the time. So that’s why today we bring you the top 5 most popular games of 2021.

Are You Out of Some Interesting Games to Play?

Some of those games that can be found on the list are new releases, while others are some longtime audience favorites. Anyways, if you’re somehow connected to the online gaming world, we’re sure that many of the names mentioned will at least sound familiar to you.

After extensive research, we’ve made sure to list out only the most popular of the most popular video games out there. It’s important to note that many video games that contain graphic content or violence are age-restricted and for a good reason. That’s why parents must keep their eye on what the children are playing, as some of the games are just too violent to be played by an underage child.

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While there is nothing wrong with the famous Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Super Smash Bros, and Kingdom Hearts III games, we’ll bring you the best of the best. That’s why we’ll start in the declining order, i.e., from the most popular to the “least” popular.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Although the game is rated as mature, 17+ gamers, I’d still say that it’s pretty decent, with the whole game design being just amazing. Moreover, I would highly recommend this game for gamers who like to play fast-paced FPS and strategic FPS.


The center of the storyline is a CIA agent who teams up with the British forces to save the fictional country Urzikistan from being invaded.

NBA 2K20

Keeping in mind that there is no violence nor aggressiveness of any kind in this basketball sim game, there are no age restrictions on who can play the game. The game became available in late 2019 for Nintendo Switch, Playstation, Xbox, and of course, Microsoft Windows. Furthermore, the game is published by 2k Sports, and it came as the 21st installment in their NBA franchise.

Madden NFL 20

Another sports game that has found its way to the top of this list is Madden NFL 20. Electronic Arts published the NFL-based football simulation game in mid-2019, and it is a sensation ever since. This version is the last known release of Electronic Arts’ Madden NFL series.

Borderlands 3

Another hit from the famous game publisher 2K Games. This time we’re talking about the newest Borderlands series, i.e., the fourth part. The game has earned fourth place in our most popular games series the exact moment it sold more than 5 million game copies in the first five days after the game launched. Mixing sci-fi with military corporations and violence, the game is rated as not apt to be played by children below 17.

Mortal Kombat 11

The console game is rated unfit for children under 17 years old because of its unrestricted use of graphic and bloody violence. Warner Bros published the eleventh part of the Mortal Kombat series in mid-2019 following the Mortal Kombat X installment of the famous game series. As well as its predecessors Mortal Kombat 11 was also available for Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox.