Benefits Of A Digital

The Benefits Of A Digital Mailroomx

In today’s world, enterprises are benefiting by digitizing and are saving money while staying safe distances from people. It makes sense to pull away from paper and move into a world that can harness technology’s power and put it to good use.

Eco-Mail’s enterprise digital mailroom is a solution that safely and securely takes paper mail and turns it into a digital version. It offers security, has a faster response time, is a flexible operation, cuts costs, reduces handling, integrates easily, frees up an entire department of employees to be better utilized elsewhere, and allows you to relax and focus on business.

As you know, receiving paper mail at your business entails processing, separating and routing, logging, making notes, and delivering. Paper mail is bulky and takes a long time to get from here to there. By utilizing an enterprise digital mailroom solution, you alleviate the whole mailroom, freeing resources that are better used elsewhere. You get a speedy process with advanced technology. And digital mail is easily stored and handled.

An enterprise digital mailroom solution with Eco-Mail, transferring paper mail to a convenient and safe place far away from where you do business is most secure and private. When it comes to security and real-time tracking, digital mail is always the strongest. Physical mail can be a massive security breach because it cannot be kept under observation. In contrast, digital mail can be monitored from start to finish without much room for error.

Digital mailroom delivers transparency and control. Often, multiple colleagues need to process the same document. In the physical world, this means multiple paper copies and a loss of document control.  With Eco-Mail, there’s only a single instance of each digital document that supports numerous views and actions, all perfectly documented.

80% of the mail your organization receives is transactional, not social. It requires action from operational workgroups. If you develop your digital strategy with an inbound mail processing platform such as Eco-Mail, you can establish a system that gives you full control over your whole digital realm. This will allow you to track users, actions, and solutions easily through a centralized portal. Now it is possible to track and view everything with incredible accuracy. And Eco-Mail seamlessly integrates with your existing workflows, enterprise-wide.


One of the most significant benefits of using a digital mail solution is that it cuts down on human contact and helps prevent the spread of COVID-19. If that is not enough to start the conversation, additional benefits of having a digital mail solution are that it decreases costs, optimizes efficiency, and allows for more control and transparency. It also has a faster response time for customers, offers seamless integration, is flexible for any business, and is secure and private.

Inbound physical mail represents a critical opportunity for digital transformation, driving savings, productivity, and control in every corner of your organization. Eco-Mail is a modern digitized mail solution that delivers digital transformation tailored to the needs of enterprise businesses. Now is the time to solve the costly problem of inbound physical mail. With our advanced digital mailroom solution, incoming physical mail is digitized at high speed, its content routed to its destination, and data is auto-extracted directly into workflows. Start optimizing your business with Eco-Mail today.