Many people, including myself, like to play games, whether they are app games, video games, or outdoor games. It’s no secret that games have become a popular hobby for many people in today’s technologically savvy age. Even with the countless types of games available out there, gamers have always looked forward to a game that delivers both fun and real-life experience. This is what motivated Gamers of Destiny Games to brainstorm and develop a one-of-a-kind game app that makes conventional game apps obsolete. The talented team of gamers and business developers has injected a breath of fresh air in gaming with the revolutionary app known as The American Dream (TAD).

A life simulator game app designed to give gamers the opportunity to make real money just by playing the app

The American Dream is a simulated reality game app developed to uniquely blend reality and gaming to help gamers break the monotony of life, make real money, and life-altering decisions. TAD gives the player the power to take charge of the game and pursue inspiring missions in different cities. The game app adds versatility to gaming by allowing players to pursue interactive missions ranging from action, strategy, and past time games.

The American dream fully immerses a player into the virtual world of TAD. The player has total control over the missions and gameplay.  In the virtual world, characters can make real purchases, make laws, test their skills in interactive missions, start businesses,  make money, among other actions. This game gives a player the power to lead a character through the virtual world with the possibility of the elements in the virtual world becoming a reality.


The American Dream is sure to win the hearts of many different groups of people. First, TAD is an ideal game for just about anyone who likes gaming. The exciting missions and inspiration that comes with it will captivate any gamer. Another group that will find TAD captivating is the adventure seekers. This gaming app is uniquely designed to introduce new features that are lacking in other simulation games. Therefore, if you’re looking for something new, The American Dream has got you covered. Gamers of Destiny Games designed TAD keeping in mind the needs of non-profits, philanthropists, small business owners, and people who want to generate more income. If you’re looking for inspiration to go after your goals, TAD is your ultimate cheerleader.

This game app features an engaging storyline and non-playable characters with whom players can identify with. TAD comes with a mini-series that makes it easy for players to play the game and ensures it’s fun. With the mini-series, players can learn about TAD characters and stay updated on new features of the game.

Benefits of TAD

  • Offers a simulated world that can transform the real world.
  • Inspires players to make more money.
  • Seeks to redefine how society funds non-profits.


The American Dream restores the fun in gaming and introduces a real life experience that resonates with gaming enthusiasts. If you’re looking for inspiration to step up and make more money or an easy escape from the daily stresses of life, The American Dream is the perfect life simulator game app for you.