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How difficult is it to create control programs for CNC milling machines, and is it possible to cope with their preparation without special education? What you need to know and what is the procedure for developing a control program for processing products of the required size and shape?

There is a certain sequence of actions necessary for processing parts on CNC milling machines this will be discussed below.

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Stages of the process of manufacturing carved parts on CNC machines.

Conditionally, the technological process of processing parts on CNC machines, the preparation of which is carried out in accordance with the new CAD-CAM technologies, can be divided into 2 main stages:

  • Computer modeling (CAD system) creating a three-dimensional 3D models of the future part. For the design of 3D models, special programs are used, in particular, SolidWork, 3ds max, Artcam Pro, Cura, Vectric Aspire, Cut3d. To save the created file, use the STL format.
  • Continuation of work direct creation of a control program in accordance with the created model and specified processing parameters (CAM-system) is carried out in the ArtCAM, TYPES program, adapted for CNC machines. The prepared STL file for CNC is entered into the ArtCAM program, after which the parameters of the processing process, such as depth, cutting sequence, dimensions of the finished part, types of tools, etc. are entered. All these actions are performed by the machine operator. The entered data is saved in a file in the format recommended for this model of the machine (information on this can be found in the accompanying technical documentation of the CNC machine).

You can buy and sell STL files for CNC on marketplace site. Most popular categories of STL files is:

  • – 3D models of Bas-Reliefs
  • – 3D models of Clocks
  • – 3D models of Frames and Mirrors
  • – 3D models of Capitels

Machines sold by INTERLASER are designed to use control programs in G-codes for programming CNC equipment. A more understandable explanation: G-codes are commands transmitted to the working bodies of the machine to perform a given job. Saving toolpaths is performed in the CNC file.

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Processing the workpiece on the machine according to the established control program.

The commands of the control program installed in the computer of the CNC machine are read and transmitted to the working bodies, moving them in compliance with the specified parameters, while movement can be made, both circular and linear, and the execution of operations in a given technological sequence.