Reach Next Level Marketing With Automated Tools

Reach Next Level Marketing With Automated Tools

There are umpteen automation tools available in the market. Companies face the dilemma of choosing the appropriate automation tool for their company. It is an ordeal task to understand the difference between industry and tools. Many industry professionals such as a small business digital marketing consultant can benefit from using automation in their workflow. In this article, I will be talking about the seven best automation tools that you can use to reach the desired results. They are as follows:

(1) Marketo: This tool is considered to be the best automation marketing tool. It has a lot of features that allow marketers to manage email campaigns and also help the sales team. It has a market place called LaunchPoint that comes with tons of integrations. It is beneficial for companies that can make use of the features of Marketo to reach beyond basic marketing automation. It comes at a moderate price neither too expensive nor too cheap. It has a knowledge base which is very active and large and serves as a great resource for all the users.

(2) Eloqua: It is considered to be the Ferrari of marketing automation. It provides an exceptionally good level of services and is a bit expensive due to its marvelous features. One of the key features of Eloqua is that they spend a lot of time teaching their customers to get the best out of the product. It is similar to Marketo as it also has a myriad of integration with the third-party services. Eloqua is a great option if you love getting a lot of guidance and want to be helped in your business. It does great work in providing you with a lot of conducive approaches that can be truly beneficial for your website.

(3) This automation tool is considered to be one of the most flexible tools to approach. You can also customize this tool according to your requirements. It has a lightweight UI and is provides good customer support. It triggers emails on the basis of events rather than just page views. Companies which prefer lightweight UI can opt for this automation tool. Also, if your company looks for advanced functionality and requires customization and flexibility this automation tool can be really helpful. It is closest to Userfox and comes at a price of 75 dollars per month. So, you can definitely purchase this automation tool if you want to avail its special features.

(4) Constant Contact: It is a very popular email marketing tool for small businesses. It provides even basic functionality in a way that it is very useful for non-technical users to take full advantage of this automation tool. It is not only very easy to use but also comes at a modicum price. It is beneficial for small scaled businesses who want to start with an organized form of email marketing and does not require any advanced functionality. However, if you want to expand your marketing automation efforts then this is not the ideal tool for you as it provides only basic services.

(5) Hubspot: This system does little bits of everything but does not do anything at a depth. You can say it is a jack of all trades but a master of none. It is described as an inbound marketing software which signifies that it offers a lot of tools one of which is an automation tool for marketing. It is also a very convenient option for small business owners. If you want an all in one tool that provides you with the basic functionality of a lot of marketing systems then this is a very good option for you. It is closest to Constant contact and can be availed at 200 dollars a month.

(6) Exact Target: It targets communication over a multitude of channels. Unlike most marketing automation tools that focus on email, this automation tool lets you target the notifications of mobile applications or even certain messages to the dashboard of the customer’s car. It is a great tool for those companies who want to go beyond general marketing automation.

(7) UserFox: It is a new player in the space of marketing automation.  It basically works with tech companies and if you are in the industry it will be a good automation tool for you.

Conclusion: These are the top automation tools that you can use in order to increase the sales and marketing of your company. You can certainly invest in other automation tools if you find them to be better than those mentioned but the ones above are tested and are surely going to provide you success.