Money-Saving Plans For Your Los Angeles Visit – How You Can Save Your Pocket Money In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is one of the best cities to visit in the United States. The volume of the tourists who spends time in the city accounts for the reasonable rates of basic necessities. Of course, since it is home to Hollywood, there are upscale districts which are not just glamorous but expensive as well. However, there are still spots where you can save some of your pocket money. All you need is find out where they are.

“Enjoy LA’s beautiful weather and head out on its famous attractions that will not cost you anything like Getty Museum, Venice Beach and Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

Your Los Angeles visit does not need to max out your savings. Below are some tips to remember when you are drafting your money-saving plans.

  • In choosing value hotels, you need to consider its price and the distance from the attractions that you want to see. Otherwise, you might consume most of your time in LA in traveling alone. There are times when four-star hotels in downtown area offer discounts so you better shop around first prior to booking a hotel reservation. Also, book your hotel room with and save on your L.A. stay. They offer personalized travel planning and help you to find hotels to fit any budget
  • Car rental fees are quite reasonable in the city but because it is so, the town has a reputation for clogged highways. You can try your luck by riding on their trains and buses. Their mass transit is not only cost-efficient but reliable as well. Minimum fare is $1.25 but discount cards are available to visitors. Buy an unlimited pass for a day which will only cost you about $3.
  • Forget the celebrity-owned restaurants. A room with a kitchen will be a good investment as you can buy fresh and inexpensive ingredients in various farmers’ market scattered across the city. You can check out Grand Central Market in downtown or the renowned Los Angeles Farmers’ Market. Most of the markets operate even in Sundays.
  • The city was blessed with a beautiful mild weather all year round and you have to take advantage of it. You would go to this town not to be locked up in a room. Get out and head off to its free attractions. See the Hollywood Walk of Fame and you might spot a celebrity. Amaze at the lush gardens and parks in the city. Palisades Park can even allow you to enjoy the best views of the ocean and sunset.
  • Get a chance to be one of the studio audience and be seen in national TV even for some minutes. Nothing beats being a part of the show, at least at one point in your life, which you have been watching. You can get free tickets to live TV shows such as the Price is Right and Jimmy Kimmel live.


There are many things to do at Los Angeles and you can get the best travel deals in town if you only know where to look. Remember that having fun in the Entertainment Capital of the World does not have to be costly.