Learning More About Floor Decals and The Importance

Learning More About Floor Decals and The Importance

You might have heard of the term floor decals previously, but not quite sure what it actually is. Floor decal is mainly stated as adhesive graphic, which is made from 3.4 mil vinyl used for advertising purposes mainly. You can see the use of these decals in business or store locations. The thin nature of these decals and their certified slip resistance will make them durable enough for foot traffic. Moreover, these stickers are not so thick to be a nuisance or hazard to the customers out there.

Durable Options to Consider:

Now, you must be wondering whether these floor decals are durable or not. People generally have this misconception that as these stickers is placed on the floor, and human traffic remains on top of them all the time, these stickers won’t last long.

  • Well, that is not the case and exactly the opposite.
  • Yes, these stickers are very easy to install and equally easy to remove, but there is a technique to it.
  • The adhesive used for manufacturing these decals is pretty strong. So, once placed, you can keep the stickers in their places for 5 long years!
  • Stickers, which are installed over floors, will give a good service of 2 years before you need to maintain them.
  • In heavy traffic areas, you might sometimes have to remove the stickers after 2 years. But for the initial 2 years, these stickers will be able to hold their grip well.

Get the Ones with Lamination Protection:

Now, whenever you are dealing with a floor decal, you are practically looking for a durable and waterproof option to consider. These durable indoor floor decals come in handy with laminate protection and with certified slip resistance.

  • You can see them printed with fade-resistant UV ink. It means no matter whatever the condition is, the print will stay intact for as long as you use the sticker.
  • The calendared vinyl is the main material used for manufacturing these stickers. For that extra dose of protection, there will be a protective lamination coating on top of the vinyl material.
  • You can use these stickers for so many reasons. It can provide directions to the next counter; can be used for advertising sales, and also for direct traffic.

From the Reliable Source Only:

Remember that there are various companies, which are manufacturing floor decal these days. Choosing the best one among the lot is important as you are about to spend a great deal of money on these decals. So, waste no time and check out the credentials of the companies before you give them the task to manufacture floor decal for your business.

Experience is the key to address while selecting a firm working on floor decal. Do check out the number of years they have been associated with the floor decal industry and the kind of options they are capable of offering you. Once that is sorted out, things will gladly turn to work out in your favor.