Importance And Usefulness Of Ibm Cross Platform Mobile Development

Over the recent years, smartphones and mobile applications have seen an exponential growth. Different mobile operating systems have launched recently, Android OS is a particular mobile OS to have grown tremendously over the last few years. With the availability of different mobile platforms, there arises the need of developing applications for these platforms. This need arises particularly if you wish to develop mobile software for your business. If that is the case, it is recommended that you should make use of something like cross platform mobile development by IBM for reaching out to more people.

Problem associated with development of application for different platforms

Thanks to the technological innovation, several mobile platforms are available nowadays, including iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows Phone and Blackberry. Different set of programming skills and tools are required for the development of application for these platforms. With the availability of various mobile devices and operating systems, developing applications for these platforms poses a tough challenge.

Cross platform mobile development is an example of a new innovation by IBM in the mobile industry, which has resulted from rapid technological advancement. Before cross platform mobile development was introduced, the mobile app industry faced a major drawback. For instance, the application developed using Android platform was not suited for iPhone. Similarly, the applications developed using Mac OS was incompatible with Android smartphone. This particular issue was a huge drawback in mobile app development industry.

Developing Mobile Software for Your Business

Businesses wanting to create custom mobile software are particularly challenged as they want a more diverse audience to use their software. If you want to develop custom mobile applications for different platforms individually, each of these will multiply the cost involved. This is where a cross-platform development framework like Phone gap comes to the rescue. Cross-platform mobile development is answer to your woes. Now, you can have a mobile application for your business on multiple platforms with ease.

Advantages of Cross Platform Development

IBM cross platform mobile development, or any cross platform development in general offers a huge set of advantages, which includes:

Cost Effective:

This is one of the biggest advantages offered by this technique. Building a cross platform solution for mobile application development is much more cost effective than developing specific apps for different platforms.

Plugin Access:

Several tools are available nowadays, which provide easy access to plugins. These tools offer common links to APIs, location sensors or cameras, which makes it even more advantageous for you.

Faster Solution:

Probably the biggest advantage offered by cross platform development frameworks such as Phonegap is that it offers a quicker method for developing applications. Developing apps for multiple platforms only once consumes much lesser time than developing native app for different platforms.

An excellent example of a platform for developing applications for different mobile operating systems is Phonegap. Using this platform, applications can be created by the developers for platforms like Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Palm and Symbian. Here, HTML, CSS and Java Script languages are used for cross platform mobile development.

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