How To Unblock And Watch American Netflix From Anywhere In The World?

The world population today has diverse needs. When it comes to entertainment, most of the young generation today like to ‘Netflix and chill’. The phenomenon has spread so vast that the streaming service is now ranked #38 on Forbes list of most valuable brands. With more than 150 million users and counting, Netflix has a market cap of almost $157 billion. Moreover, this is not the most impressive thing about it.

Watch American Netflix in 4 steps

  • Download Ivacy’s Netflix VPN
  • Install it on your device
  • Launch the application
  • Enjoy your favourite show on American Netflix with amazing speed

What American Netflix has that the rest don’t

What makes Netflix stand apart from the rest is its collection of more than 5,500 movies and TV shows that excite audiences. No other streaming service has a library this vast and it doesn’t look like they will for the next few years. The titles under Netflix’s banner include some of its own productions as well as content from other film houses.

This is wherein lies the catch. This vast cache of movies and shows is only available to the audiences in the US. Netflix divides its services based on locations and in each region, it only allows access to a particular number of shows. Just to put this into perspective, the area which comes closest to America in terms of amount of titles is Canada. The size of their library? Just about 3,000.

This means that shows like House, Mad Men, Parks and Recreation, even Hunger Games are exclusively available to US audiences. Disappointing isn’t it?

Installing Netflix VPN

If you are a victim of these geographic restriction from Netflix, don’t worry. There is a solution. One that is quite effective. Ivacy’s Netflix VPN is an application which allows you to unlock all the content available on the website’s US domain. The Virtual Private Network (VPN) connects you to a server in America making unlimited streaming possible from Netflix.

Downloading and installing Ivacy’s Netflix VPN is simple. All you have to do is sign up for an Ivacy account. Then, once you’ve downloaded the application, select purpose and choose Netflix USA. The page will ask for your account credentials for Netflix. Once done, you will be free to browse the complete library of Netflix USA.

The geographic restrictions from streaming services are usually unjustified. With Ivacy, you don’t have to worry about any of these at all.

Watch freely on almost any device

The merits of Ivacy’s Netflix VPN don’t just stop at providing you access to the US content of the site. One of the most significant benefits of Ivacy is that is supports almost every major platform. From smartphones to laptops or personal computers, there is no operating system for which Ivacy applications are not available.

Users can also download Ivacy for smart TV’s, routers and other internet enabled devices. This means that there is no matter which gadget you are using, you can use Netflix VPN in order to access the streaming service. Ivacy completely eliminates every limitation including that on data and speed etc. It’s all about pure viewing pleasure.

The importance of a VPN

Many people believe that a VPN is just about allowing users access to their favorite content from anywhere in the world. The reality is quite different. Nowadays, cybercrime has become a huge threat and even little things like your Netflix viewing history can be logged and then used without authorization. Ivacy’s Netflix VPN also takes care of any such efforts by your local ISP.

With a VPN installed, user IP addresses are masked. Entire browsing or streaming sessions that you perform with the service activated remains safe from any spying, logging or theft. Along with this, Ivacy also ensures that the company itself doesn’t keep your private information in store either. So, at the end of the day, you enjoy with absolute peace of mind and complete security.

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