R6 – Advanced Guide

How to Get Better in R6 – Advanced Guide

You want a great and popular first-person shooting game 6 sage is killing it in the domain. Seriously there’s nothing better than this in the current market. It even took over the hot COD series. The primary reason for it being so popular is that it is the most tactical shooting game on the face of the earth. You cannot win by blindly shooting for rushing in whenever you have a gut feeling. Rather it is a tactical adventure that tests your patience. You can also use r6 hacks to get an edge over your competitors.

We have accumulated some advanced tips on how to get better at r6 siege that will knock your socks off. You will come out of this guide as a more informed player and definitely will raise the level of your game if you keep these in mind while playing:

1) Bringing The Right Operator Line-Up

Great teams have to make a value-based decision when it comes to choosing operators and utility. Generally, the default pole consists of about 10 operators that you will see on each side. The ones who bring maximum utility will be in the most played section of the pro-league. If your operator is not in the most-played pool, your team will be missing out on a lot.

2) Make Sure You Play as A Team

The game is designed to create optimal balance around 5 players. This means that 8u will be required to communicate allot and play as a semi e coordinated group to be the best. Don’t go with a 3-man squad. You will find millions of players online who play regularly. Pair up with them, unless you will be handicapped even before the game begins.

3) Passive Defence, Aggressive Attack

The very first mistake that you can make in the ranked section is to go for hero plays. It’s the value-based decisions that turn out to be the winners. The defenders are more passive because they take time advantage. They simply focus on staying alive, which is a good enough strategy for a 3-minute round. Defenders might get punished for attempting spawn kills or overpeeeking. This can put the defending team at a disadvantage if the attackers are nearby as the pressure would be immense and hard to handle.

On the other hand, attackers miss out on the value of trades. If the attackers rush in the battlefield on a defender and die, but the squadmate gets the defrag and trades out of death, that’s beneficial for the attackers. They’ve swapped 1 for 1 life and gained control of the map.

4) Make Use of Operator Synergies

When the right people are placed with the right operators The Incredible dynamics of the game are flaunted. In the Pro League operators are paired to use the synergies between speed and abilities. Get paired with a friend and make sure you have strong communication. You will be a big threat to your enemies.

  • Example 1: Thermite & Thatcher — the classic power couple in the six Siege. Thatcher can use an emp gadget to clear out Bandit charges or any mute jammers to clear the way for the thermite to breach the wall. You can also replace thatcher with maverick.
  • Example2: Mozzie & Mute— this is the most Lethal player in the game. The main damage they do is by denying droning. You can deny the droning of a whole floor. This can be useful when you are on the maps such as Clubhouse, and I want to roam. You can also use the utility closer to site it for the late-round to allow the defense to play of angles without being droned.
  • Example3: Maestro & Goyo— this is the most unpredictable pair. The maestros Evil Eyes have unlimited range, and when paired with the ability to detonate Goyo Vulcan shield, you can create some great damage by plan.

Final Words

These were some advanced tips on how to get better at R6. These tips clubbed with honing the skill with consistency can really take your game to the next level.