FamiSafe review

FamiSafe Review: It Is the Best Family Location Tracker?

Stay home, stay healthy, and safe. This sentence has been a motto of everyone for the past year. Covid-19 has affected the lives of many people and still, no one is completely safe. All we can do is be cautious, take as many safety measures as we can and keep ourselves in the protection of our own homes. Staying home is not an easy job on the other hand particularly as a stay-at-home parent.

Kids these listen to no one and prefer to do their own thing their way. Being a parent in today’s world is much harder than it was a few decades ago. Devices such as smartphones, tablets are the only source of entertainment for the staying home children and teens alike. Now that the schools have also shifted to conducting online classes, the screen time for an average child has only increased.

Keeping a track of your teen or child’s activities online can be a tough job but now you can have a helping hand from the best family location tracking app, FamiSafe parental control app. We understand that you need to juggle many responsibilities under one roof including work, taking care of your children, and looking after the family as a whole. This makes FamiSafe the perfect app for you and your family.

Distinct Features 

Now it does sound like your average location tracker but we assure you that is not the case. It is in fact a location tracker but also much more reliable than just a simple tracking app. FamiSafe is an app that will help you with your children developing well-organized and good screen habits. You may question that possibility so let us guide you through the unlike any other features of this all-rounder application.

Managing App Activity

All you need is a smartphone to get this app up and running and you can manage every ongoing activity on your teens or child’s device. It will give you an option to control the screen time by giving you a daily usage report. If you want it can let you know about each app and when it has been installed on the device and even give you a report about the apps your child has uninstalled. You can also track the minimum time your child is spending on certain apps.

Limiting Content

FamiSafe allows you to restrict and block any content you do not want your child to consume. You can even block apps that they should not use. You can limit their access to certain websites and can completely avoid graphic content.


The parent alerts system in this family tracking app sends immediate notifications in case of any misuse from the device you are managing. If your child is doing anything suspicious you will be able to take quick action right there right then. You will even have an access to the history in case you miss the alert at the exact same time. This will keep your teen/kid in check at all times.

Extensive Features

The extensive features these app offers are real-time location tracking and geo-fencing. You can limit the places your child should go to by adding geo-fences. As soon as the child leaves those fences you will get an alert and you can ask them to share their live location by utilizing the real-time location tracking feature. This feature makes sure that your children are within the protective range you have set for them and are safe from any possible dangers. You can also track the cell phone of your child in case of any unfortunate happening by using the same live location tracking feature. There is also a history tab for the locations your kid is visiting on a daily basis which makes it much easier for you to keep a track of their whereabouts.

Payments and Offers

Accessing all these amazing features has never been easier than this. You can get all of these and more features with reliable monthly and yearly plans.

Get the app for a month for only 9.99$

3 months in 6.99$ per month only (pay in advance)

Yearly access for 4.99$ a month only (pay in advance)

The app is extremely affordable for the services and safety it offers. In 9.99$ you will never have to worry about your child again.

Access Links 

The app is available for Android, Apple, Mac, Windows, and on the Amazon store. The links are in the description below:

Google Play

Apple Store

Amazon Store

All you have to do is simply download and install the app on your device and all the devices you want to track. The limit is up to 30 devices you can access at the same time. The complete directions to use the app are given on the webpage of the app. Visit now for more information.


FamiSafe is wonderful that ensures the safety of everyone in your family. It is affordable and easily accessible which makes it the best family location tracking app among all.