Ask The Right Questions Before Hiring A Web Design Company

With increasing number of choices, selecting a company to design your small business website or a personal blog can be a convoluted job. Not all web design services are equal, and many have the reputation of outsourcing the work. As a client, the first thing you would want is absolute control on the work process and how the website shapes up, and you need a web design company that’s flexible at the very least.

In this post, we are sharing a few questions that you must ask before you select a service for web design.

  1. Can you share your past and recent work?

The only way you can be assured that a web design service is worth your time is by evaluating what they have done. While the number of projects they have done is important, you also need to check their recent work and find more details on their clientele. Only when a company’s experience and expertise align with the needs of your project, you can find reason to hire them.

  1. How many years have you been in business?

A company that has worked with clients across different industries and has the experience of designing websites for your niche should be given preference. Experience matters, because in the true sense, it becomes easier evaluating the work of the concerned company. You may also want to ask for client references.

  1. What’s your work approach?

Every web design agency has its own way of approaching the project, but the best ones will start with a discussion, where they would want to know what you expect from the project. They may insist on having a scope for the project with reference sites, and depending on these things and branding elements, they are likely to show a demo for approval. It is necessary for the client to be involved in the design process.

  1. What’s your estimate for the website?

Pricing is a tricky affair as far as web design is concerned, and primarily for two reasons. Firstly, there could be a considerable price difference between two very similar proposals.  Secondly, some companies do charge a tad more than others, because they have experience and enough work to show off. Expertise should be the foremost reason to select a web design agency, and we recommend that you don’t shy away from paying a tad more, if that means having a team that’s more experienced.

  1. How can you update me on the project?

Typically, most agencies will offer a deadline for the project with the estimate, but you cannot wait until the final day to get a fair idea of the website’s look and feel. Make sure that you select a company that is open to discussions, and in the ideal case, they should assign a project manager, who should be around to answer all your queries. You may be asked to approve layouts and designs from time to time.

Don’t forget the other aspects!

If a web design agency can do more than just the design, you can actually hire them for other things too. For example, many companies actually specialize in things like SEO, online marketing and PPC, and they can create a comprehensive campaign for your brand. You also need to check if the agency is willing to make necessary changes to the website for at least a few times, and if they can also handle other changes and design modifications in the future.

Think of web design as a collaboration for the long run, and select an agency that’s open to having that kind of professional relationship.