5 Ideal Online Side Hustles for Creatives

5 Ideal Online Side Hustles For Creatives

Have you always wanted to put aside extra money (a deposit for a house, some money for rainy days or a holiday you have been planning for long)? Whatever’s the case, sometimes, your savings are not enough to meet goals like these. That’s when you think of having a side hustle.

And if you are creative, there are more than a bunch of side hustle ideas for you to start in 2020. Picking an idea is not the only pain, you have to manage so many other things as well. For me, the dilemma was choosing an Spectrum Internet plan. Yours could be something else.

Wondering what could be the best hustle? If you never try, you will never know. Let me make it easier for you. Start with these:

#1: Start A Niche Instagram Account

I am sure you already know what can Instagram influencer is. By now, so many people are in this business. If you just get a little creative, you can start making money on Instagram rather quickly.

To get started, you need a niche first. If can be fashion, traveling, food – anything that interests you. Then, start publishing really good content on it. Your next goal is to develop a good fan following. For this, you might have to put extra efforts.

This is how monetization works. You first promote different products on your account by sharing your experience and reviews. You get engagement from your fan following. Eventually, brands reach out to you for reviewing or promoting their products and you get money in exchange.

#2: Make YouTube Tutorials

Do you know the art of filming, creating and editing videos? If you have heard of the kid that earns billion from toy reviews, then yes, that’s exactly what I am talking about.

Here again, you must pick a niche. It can be makeup tutorials, food recipes, and even tips and tricks like how to tie a knot or wear a tie. The key lies in creating valuable content. You must choose good graphics, your video editing skills must be on point and most of all, the content must be simple yet well-explained.

Wondering how you are going to earn? Simple! By running adverts. You can earn anywhere between $200,000 and $450,000 from this. But, there are some requirements to follow. You must have 1000+ subscribers, and your channel must be watched 4000 minutes over the last year.

#3: Develop And Sells Themes And Plugins

If you are a designer and you are well-familiar with WordPress, you can start a lucrative side hustle of developing and selling themes and plugins.

WordPress is built on open source. If you have the right programming knowledge, developing plugins and themes will not be a problem for you.

Wondering how you are going to promote your work? By creating your own website or using an existing marketplace to sell your work. You can also submit a free version of your product to see how people respond. Once you have successfully built a fan following, you can encourage users to buy a premium version of your work.

#4: Sell On Etsy

Etsy is a go-to online marketplace to find all the best crafty items. It’s not a craft fair organized by your grandma. It is a legit platform that connects buyers and sellers worldwide. Here are some of the items you can sell on Etsy:

  • Home décor items
  • Craft supplies
  • Vintage items
  • Wedding gifts
  • Seasonal goods
  • Custom Jewelry
  • Printable and so much more.

It’s so easy to get started. You don’t even have to go through the pain of buying a domain and setting up your website. You just have to upload the picture of your product, add product description and you are all set. Your first item is ready to get listed for $0.20. You will have to pay a 5 percent transaction fee plus a 3 percent ($0.25 payment processing fee) when you make your first sale. Etsy is a well-known platform. You won’t even have to do extra work promoting yourself.

#5: Create A Comic

Do you like comics? Are you good at sketching as well? If this is you, why not start creating comic strips. You don’t even have to do that manually. You become an illustrator and use software for putting life in your ideas.

There are so many people who have created novels and comics with killer graphics. If you have a story in mind, narrate it through drawings. You will be surprised to see how much people would love it just like they admire Spectrum TV plans. What’s even surprising is the profit you will be making.

From these ideas, you now have you decide what’s the best side hustle for you. After that comes crafting a plan for how to execute your strategy.