5 Easy Smart Devices for your Homeome in 2021

5 Easy Smart Devices for your Homeome in 2021

Our homes are becoming more interconnected year on year, with greater access to smart devices that are helping streamline our day to day lives. Many of us use Alexa and Google home daily, without a second thought, so you may be more involved with smart devices than you even realise! There are hundreds of smart devices out there that you can use in your home for a vast range of benefits. We want to guide you through some of our favourite smart devices for your home in 2021. We are looking at some of the easy to use devices, that may be more suitable for a beginner in the smart world.

Smart Thermostat

We want to start off with a smart thermostat, as this is not something that is a particularly ‘cool’ smart home device, however, they are a great feature to use in your home. A smart thermostat will allow you to control your heating and boiler from your smartphone. This means that if you are on your way home from work on a cold day and you haven’t had the heating on, you can switch it on to warm up the house for when you arrive home. A smart thermostat will make your heating at home so much easier, so we thought this was a great place to start.

Smart Plugs

Smart plugs are a fantastic way to control your wired devices in your home. Whether this is because you forgot to turn something off, or because you want something to be turned on for when you arrive home. Similarly to your smart thermostat, you can control these plug sockets from your phone, allowing you to switch on any device that is plugged into this, without needing to be at home! You can also get smart plugs for outdoor devices such as lighting, pools, hot tubs etc. These are affordable and cool smart home devices that are ideal for getting your experience up with this type of thing. You can also control your plugs from your Alexa or Google Home, making them even easier to use.

Video Doorbell

Installing a video doorbell at home is great for a number of reasons. Firstly, they have high definition video, streamed directly to your phone, meaning you are always able to be aware of what’s happening at your front door. They have 2 way audio, so if a delivery comes and you are not home, you can easily tell them where to leave it. As well as these features, video doorbells can often be a repellent to people that may be looking at breaking into houses, as they essentially act as a CCTV system, certainly putting people off this idea. You can implement this versatile, smart home device into your house for a fairly low cost – meaning they’re certainly worth it, given all the benefits they bring.

Smart Light Bulbs

Smart light bulbs are one of our favourite smart devices for your home. We’ve all been laid in bed at night, ready to fall asleep, and realised we need to get up and switch off the light, but you’re too comfortable! Your smart light bulbs will defeat this problem. If you have a linked up Alexa or Google home in your room, simply tell them to turn off the light, or alternatively, use the appropriate app on your smartphone to switch off the light. As well as being controlled through other devices, most smart light bulbs will allow you to change the colour of your light, allowing you to set your room for your appropriate mood. They’re cool, functional and not expensive, the perfect smart device.

Robot Vacuum

Now we are getting into the more technical devices that you can use in your home, looking at the robot vacuums, that we’re sure you have all seen or heard of! These devices are able to use camera and sensor technology to understand their surroundings and successfully vacuum around your property. If you are not a fan of cleaning, or specifically hoovering, this is an investment that you may want to make. Some of them are even capable of learning their surroundings and being able to clean particular rooms – quite impressive. This device will set you back more money than the previously mentioned ones, but if it sounds up your street, it may be worth it!

So, if you are interested in starting out with some easier to understand smart devices in your home, we hope that you have an idea of what you can buy now! All of these products will benefit you in your home and make certain aspects of your life more efficient, which we believe is a great reason to get involved. Always do your research when choosing which brand you would like to buy, try and find what suits your needs best and fits your budget.