10 helpful resources to aid your WordPress Plugin Development in 2021

10 helpful resources to aid your WordPress Plugin Development in 2021

WordPress has assertively come a long way since its launch in the year 2003. Today it owns approximately 60.8% percentage of the content management system marketplace (Source: Kinsta).

With the growth in prominence and market share, WordPress has taken over the digital world by storm. It is one of the most reliable open-source content management systems.

Whether you’re starting or having an established presence, WordPress has evolved considerably and is an essential format for further adding plugins. After all, these features improve user experience and workability.

Below is a list of the top 10 Resources for WordPress Plugin Development in 2021:

1. WordPress Developer Handbook

It is the ultimate handbook for learning all the details about the themes used in WordPress websites. Development of the guidelines and set of instructions is through the WordPress community for the users of WordPress.

The chapters are available with a focus on various options like customization, functional attributes, and so forth. With the vast array of options, privacy and security of information are upheld with utmost care.

Explanation of all of the necessary information regarding CSS, Javascript, templates, directories, and so forth is done through proper channels across the feed.

Also, they’re constantly looking for parties interested in giving their valuable feedback and inputs. They will feature as snippets of information in their vast repository of knowledge.

2. WordPress Plugin Boilerplate

Here is a plugin developed by Tom McFarlin and Devin Winson. The boilerplate is curated explicitly to create well-structured and detail-oriented plugins.

The schematics include a variety of files and directories that make the installation of plugins manageable and straightforward. With formats for different plugins available, you can easily modify files and make the necessary changes.

The installation process is also a cakewalk and easily accessible in the WordPress Plugin Repository online. All of the updates to the core functions are done to make the plugin lightweight and relatively simple to operate.

3. PHPUnit

Developed by Sebastian Bergmann, the plugin is a framework built for programmers as a testing environment for PHP. The 9.5 version of the manual is available for acquainting you with the workflow of the unit.

Configuration and assistance for installation are widely present for users of all types. The assertions present are quite a few and dynamic that helps in quick and practical testing of your code.

There are also a series of application helpers that help you unravel the complexities involved in a simple testing environment.

4. Homebrew

It is a package management software that’s ideal for providing an automated solution for managing applications and utilities. It’s quite a popular choice for the Mac operating system.

Management of the commands is accessible through the use of formulae, and you have access to a vast powerhouse of information. Precisely, 5000 formulas are available, and it’s best to know precisely what you want before you search for it.

Not only commands, but you can also handle your applications effectively through the casks. Similarly, there are approximately 5000 applications that you can browse and decide.

5. Atom

As a developer, you constantly aim to have a high-quality text editor, and Atom is your pitstop. You can ensure that your work delivered is of prime quality and factually coherent.

It’s free to use and formulated by GitHub, which speaks volumes of its efficacy and accuracy. When you’re a beginner, every small task is also daunting, and this editor makes it feel like a cakewalk.

You can use it with different operating systems and adaptable in custom-made formats. The editor sneakily added the phrase: “hackable text editor for the 21st century.” It’s a clear indicator of flexibility and user-preparedness.


It is designed by Apache Friends and is a well-renowned development stack for professionals. Easily applicable for different operating systems, the stack contains Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl, etc.

The launcher gives you a smooth transition and control over each of the components. It can even add or remove the Windows-enabled version of each of the elements.

Hence, modification of the components is present to ensure that the Beta version is cross-functional and accessible.

7. Desktop Server

It is one of the oldest versions of the developer environments and quite popular too. You have a series of benefits like adding pre-existing favorites, direct deploy function, extensive support, and accessible attributes.

The blueprint is available for creating your websites with the required information so that all the necessary plugins are present beforehand. You get a safe environment to write your code and have backups of the tasks.

Hence, you get a formulation phase and a testing environment to check for new tasks and adaptability.

8. SitePoint

It is an excellent platform that provides tutorials, sessions, and books about coding. The forum thrives because of its user-friendly interface and ease when viewing the recordings.

The pricing plans are easy on your pocket, and an interactive dashboard ensures that you keep getting recommendations. Options of classes are many and more. You can understand the videos better through access to the closed-caption text, which keeps you aware of the topic and course offered, especially if it doesn’t include an instructor.

9. OS Training

Here is an online platform that provides you with all the information under the sun about topics like WordPress. You can learn the pre-requisites and basics of coding.

The courses are designed to cater to a wide variety of audiences. Right from beginners to pros, everyone can handle and understand the content. It’s pretty helpful to learn all the basics and the advanced topics as well.


This is the interface that offers command lines and related instructions for WordPress. Through the help of the project, you can manage and make your content as interactive as possible.

Hence, the pace of your workflow is quick through the use of this tool. You can use bash scripts with the ease and control that you desire.


WordPress works best with the plugins that enhance the features. Hence, you can try any of the tools mentioned above to make your life simpler and as a helpful guide to making your website function better.

Please hire a WordPress development agency to help in your development phase so that there are no hurdles in your website function. You can refer to them and know that your website will fulfill the basic requirements and display peak-performing results.