Xdefiant Classes: What Makes Each of Them Strong?

Xdefiant Classes: What Makes Each of Them Strong?

XDefiant is Ubisoft’s upcoming free-to-play arena shooter that mashes up characters and abilities from various Tom Clancy games into fast-paced 6v6 first-person battles. While still in closed testing, the game already provides players a diverse roster of distinct classes to master based on familiar faces like the Division’s Cleaners and Splinter Cell’s Spies.

Each XDefiant class, or faction, brings its own unique tactics, strengths and playstyles to matches. Whether you prefer getting up close with shotguns as a Wolverine, hanging back to snipe as an Outcast, or charging into the fray as a heavy-hitting Enforcer, there’s a class that will fit your preferred approach.

Let’s take a closer look at the key abilities and standout qualities of the nine launch classes. If you can’t get the help you need here, try going to KBoosting for more intensive help with your game.

The Wolverines

The Wolverines bring brutal, straightforward CQC gameplay to XDefiant based on The Division’s violent outlaw faction. Up close and personal is where the Wolverines thrive thanks to abilities like Scavenge and Cloak and Dagger.

Scavenge allows Wolverines to absorb incoming damage to generate an expanding shield around themselves. The more bullets and damage absorbed, the larger the protective bubble becomes. This tank-like ability lets Wolverines get right in the face of enemies to wreak havoc.

Shotgun skills like Shrapnel and Flechette Shots excel at close-range chaos. Wolverines can also equip SMGs for added mobility and firepower. Semtex grenades flush out hiding enemies while the Wolverine’s vicious Sledgehammer melee attack crunches anyone within swinging distance.

Cloak and Dagger enables brief invisibility, allowing sneaky flanks and ambushes. Poison gas traps provide area denial and constant damage-over-time effects. Against squishier factions, Wolverines dominate with their brawling, in-your-face aggression.

For players who enjoy tanking damage and getting up close and personal with shotguns and sledgehammers, the Wolverines will scratch that CQC itch. Their damage-absorbing Scavenge shield and ambush tactics make them a force in tight spaces and around objectives.

The Cleaners

Drawing inspiration from The Division’s flamethrower-wielding pyromaniacs, the Cleaners specialize in fiery area denial and damage-over-time chaos. Their signature Flamethrower Turret establishes dangerous no-go zones while the Napalm Air Burst grenade blankets areas in burning liquid.

The Cleaners’ Blinder Firefly ability flashbangs enemies with a blinding flare making them vulnerable to follow-up attacks. The Chem Launcher shoots canisters of volatile liquid that ignites into walls of flame when shot. Along with their personal Flamethrower Special, Cleaners have an arsenal of burning tools.

Their passive Firewall ability grants the Cleaners immunity to all fire damage from Molotovs, turrets, and their own abilities. This allows them to move through flames unimpeded while enemies get burned.

For players who enjoy area control and damage-over-time effects, the Cleaners provide a bit of satisfying pyromaniac gameplay. Torching chokepoints and objectives with strategic flame placement can make life miserable for less heat-resistant factions trying to breach the Cleaners’ firewall.

The Outcasts

For patient sharpshooters who excel at long range combat, the Outcasts are the ideal faction. Drawing abilities from The Division 2’s sniper-focused Outcast Hyenas, this class specializes in recon, traps, and powerful one-shot rifles.

The TAC-50 sniper rifle allows Outcasts to deliver massive damage from afar. Combined with the Recon Pulse that highlights enemy locations through walls, Outcasts can eliminate targets before they even know what hit them.

Claymore Mines guard flanks and avenues of approach while the holographic Nemesis Decoy can divert attention away from the real sniper. The Sensor Grenade also reveals enemy positions in a large area.

Outcasts can further augment their rifles with modifications like Armor Piercing Rounds which overpenetrate targets or Explosive Ammo that causes area damage. Their passive ability Steady Hands reduces sway while aiming down sights.

For expert marksmen who can land headshots under pressure, the Outcasts provide long range tools and tech to systematically pick apart teams from a distance. Their abilities allow strategic control and shutdown of long sightlines and alleys.

The Echelon

Aggressive spy gameplay defines Echelon. Shock Mines and EMP Grenades disable foes while Smoke Screen enables stealthy flanks with SMGs and shotguns. The Spy Plane lets them quickly recon areas and track targets. Echelon outsmarts and ambushes.

The Enforcer

Bringing heavy firepower, Enforcers favor LMGs and explosive ordnance. Riot Foam immobilizes enemies while the Ballistic Shield provides mobile cover. Missile Launcher deals high burst damage and the Minigun overwhelms with suppressive fire. Enforcers bulldoze with force.

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The Sledge

Up close and personal describes the Sledge’s shotgun skills. Their Ballistic Slam grounds pounds enemies while Active Defense Shields mitigate damage. Sabotage disables tech and grenades while Sledgehammer melee attacks crush. Sledge dominates close up brawls.

The Surgeon

Keeping allies alive is the Surgeon’s purpose. Healing Hive restores health while Revival Hive resurrects dead teammates. Stim Pistol provides a temporary health boost and the Scanner Pulse spots upcoming threats. Surgeons are invaluable medic support.

The Switchblade

The dexterous Switchblade utilizes an AR, pistols and nimble parkour movement. Shock RC Car zaps enemies and Cluster Mine unleashes explosive traps. AR Disruptor Rounds do increased damage while Pistol Whip finishes off targets. Switchblade fights with finesse.

The Vanguard

Vanguard’s Shadow ability cloaks them while Drone Swarm blinds enemies. The Seeker Mine sniffs out targets and EMP Blast stuns. Shotgun CQC skills take down disabled foes. Vanguards sneak and ambush to divide and conquer.

Each XDefiant class allows players to master a distinct tactical niche based on gadgets and abilities from familiar Tom Clancy factions. Whether you prefer tanking damage up close as a Wolverine, providing overwatch and recon as an Outcast, or supporting your team as a Surgeon, there’s a class that caters to your playstyle.

With more factions slated for future additions after launch, the roster will continue expanding. Mastering a faction you connect with and sync with your strengths will give you an edge in XDefiant’s competitive 6v6 matches. Find the abilities and playstyle that suit you and use your faction’s skills to give your team the ultimate advantage.