Why Should You Get the HONOR X7a?

Why Should You Get the HONOR X7a?

The HONOR X7a is a very capable device that is also affordable in price. It just sits between $150 to $200 which makes it a relatively cheap phone to buy. But do not let the cheap price of the phone deceive you. The honor x7a 5g is packed with a number of features that you can make use of. If you are thinking of getting one for yourself but still weighing the pros and cons of the device, you may want to read more to know the reasons why you should get the HONOR X7a.

Reasons to Get the HONOR X7a

We’ll discuss the Honor x7a 5g specs to explain why this phone is worth the hype

A Big Battery

One of the main reasons why you should get the honor x7a 5g is its huge battery. It is seldom that you will see a smartphone with a 5,330mAh capacity. With the HONOR X7a, you will get that large battery capacity which you can use in your day-to-day tasks whether you are at home, in the office, in the leisure park, and others.

A large battery ensures that you can go with your whole day without having to worry about possibly tethering your phone to the nearest electrical outlet. The 5,330mAh battery capacity can power up the HONOR X7 5G so that it lasts all day. Some may even say that it can last until the next morning.

A Good Camera

Another feature of the HONOR X7a 5G is the cameras that it has. It has a 50MP HD camera, a 5MP wide-angle camera, a 2MP depth camera a 2MP depth camera, and a 2MP macro camera. Even though it is a budget phone, you can still depend on the camera to make some good shots especially when there is good lighting. The HONOR X7a can shoot up to 8192 x 6144 pixels for images and 1920 x 1080 pixels for videos. Its focus mode has up to ten times digital zoom.

A Good Storage Capacity

A big battery capacity will only be good as long as you have enough storage to install apps and save photos and videos. The HONOR X7a offers 128GB storage for the user of the phone. This storage capacity is enough for multiple apps to be installed. You can save games, office apps, time management apps, and others without worrying about filling up storage.

You can also use the phone to make snapshots and recordings of everything you do because of the amount of storage that it has. It would be easy for you to save hundreds of photos and videos on your phone without needing to delete some of them. You have a lot of space all that you have to record on the phone.

A Big Display

The HONOR X7a is at par or even bigger than most phones in the same category. This mobile device has a 6.74-inch TFT LCD screen. This phone can give you a theater-like experience because of the wide display, large text, and 90Hz refresh rate.



The HONOR X7a is an inexpensive device that does a lot of things even if it is packed in such a small package. It provides good value for your money and the features of the device make it such a great buy. The main selling point of this smartphone is its battery life. With a capacity of around 5,330mAh, you are sure to get a full day’s use with some left for tomorrow. You can go back to the reasons listed above and be convinced that the next phone that you will get is the honor x7a 5g.