Marketing Automation

Why Marketing Automation Is The Future Of Lead Generation

Marketing automation has become quite an important topic within businesses worldwide, especially the ones which are heavily relying on data. The idea behind marketing automation is simply related to the creation and tailoring of marketing strategies towards data points and big data. Although it may sound like an extremely complicated topic, marketing automation is relatively simple to understand on a general level and it’s definitely mandatory to acknowledge as it is very likely to reshape a lot of different marketing approaches. Let’s dive into what, how and why marketing automation is changing the business world.

Why Data? And Most Importantly, How?

Marketing automation is a process, as said above, which operates by targeting ads to big data, which is gathered via cookies. Data is usually numerically stored as “data points”, which are basically numerical values for users who, when landing on a page, create a “digital footprint” of their preferences online. By using these numerical values (which are processed within Python-coded pieces of application), it could be possible to create personalized pieces of content, better-tailored ads (to a specific keyword or preference) and much more. Although there are tons of variables to be taken into consideration, this is the foundation for everything regarding marketing automation.

The Cambridge Analytica Value

Cambridge Analytica has been a massive scandal within both the marketing and the tech industry. The infamous buying/selling from the British company of Facebook’s data points not only resulted in a specific section of GDPR which states how clear companies should be when acquiring data and truly stated how powerful marketing automation is. Given the impact that Cambridge Analytica had on this matter, we can safely say that, in the future, more rules will be applied to this topic. Buying and selling data points anonymously, in 2019, is completely illegal.

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How To Implement Marketing Automation Within A Small Business

The usage of data for marketing automation is always seen as something which could only impact “big enterprises” because it’s normally associated with Amazon, Facebook and Twitter but, ultimately, it could work for small businesses as well. With this being said, there are tons of app developers (especially companies who focus on app development in London) who are implementing marketing automation features within their apps. The future is bright on this matter.