Trying To Rank High In Google

Why Consider PBNs When Trying To Rank High In Google

When you’re a website owner, one of your main priorities is increasing your rank. When you have a high rank in search engine results, you get a first-class ticket to users looking for the kind of goods and services you have to offer. When you have a high Google rank, you get to increase your chances of gaining more site visitors and make conversions. However, achieving a high rank – even having a spot on the first page of Google results is not easy.

The thing is, the team behind Google makes sure that its users get the most out of the experience every time they use the search engine. So, what they do is to release regular algorithm updates to ensure their users will find the best and most relevant results based on their search queries. It’s a challenge for webmasters and SEo experts to find ways to achieve and retain a high rank. They also need to use a multitude of SEO tactics to rank higher than their competition.

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If you’re about improving your Google rank this year, then consider hiring an SEO expert to optimize your digital marketing efforts. However, if you want a fast and easy way to do this, then consider building a quality Private Blog Networks such as SerpSpace PBNs.

Defining PBNs

PBN is an acronym short for Private Blog Networks. PBNs are a network of domains owned by a single entity. By buying PBN domains or purchasing SerpSpace PBNs, you get to have a group of expired domains that can help you with your link building. While PBNs are under Black Hat SEO, there ways on how you can manage the risks associated with PBN use.

When it comes to Private Blog Networks, finding the right domains is the first step of building a PBN that lasts. But how can you buy the type of domains you need if your competitors already purchased most of the quality and relevant domains? The simple solution is buying quality expired domains. 

But Why Purchase Domains That Already Expired?

The thing is, search engines prefer older sites because of their authority. Compared to newer domains, expired ones rank higher as Google deems them to be more trustworthy. Expired domains have been on the internet for a more extended period. Most also have a number of high-quality content, making them an excellent source of information. It allows the domain to stay in a high Google rank despite them being old and expired. 


By buying quality and expired domains, you can create a powerful source of link juice for your money-making site. Here are some of the ways on how you can check if a domain is worth buying.

Check the domain and page authority

If you want to check how a domain performs in search engine results page, what you need to look for is the domain and page authority. Several specifications will tell you how good the page’s domain authority is. By using several metric tools, you can check if a domain has a competent authority or not.

Check the domain’s Alexa rank

Alexa is an excellent metric that allows you to see a domain’s past and present rank. Use this and see if the domain you plan on buying has good rank or not.

See if it is under a Google penalty

A manual or automatic penalty imposed by Google is never a good thing. Before buying an expired domain, check if the domains are under a Google penalty by typing “” If nothing comes, it can mean the domain is under penalty.

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Check the domain’s backlink profile

One important thing you need to investigate is the type of backlinks the expired domain has. If the domain has spammy backlinks, then it would be best to move and find other sites to buy. 

Pros And Cons of Using PBNs

Like all good things, PBNs has its pros and cons. The following are the advantages and disadvantages you need to know before buying PBN domains and starting a Private Blog Network.

PBNs allows you to acquire high-quality backlinks fast and easy.

We all know that links are an essential factor used by search engines. When you have a good number of authoritative sites linking back to your money-making site, it signals Google that your website is a good source of information. By having backlinks from expired domains, the fact that they’re old and highly-authoritative counts and helps you achieve a higher rank in search engine results.

They require a significant amount of investment.

Since you ‘re buying authoritative websites, this usually means the domains can be a bit expensive. You also can’t build a PBN with only one domain. So, it makes sense to buy domains that are not spammy and are of high-quality before making the purchase.

Having a private blog network gives you full control of your backlinks.

When you have a PBN, you’re the one in control of the sites, its content, and the backlinks. It gives you full control on the backlinks, letting you add, edit or delete the backlinks as you please.

PBNs take time to build.

The process of building a PBN can be time-consuming. It’s not something you can accomplish in one day. Although PBNs are a fast way to acquire a good ranking, it still requires your patience, time, and investment.

It can serve as an additional source of revenue.

We mentioned earlier that owning a PBN gives you full control over the domains. It means you can also monetize the domains by selling backlinks to other website owners or sell the domains if you no longer need them.

PBNs can put your main website at risk for Google penalty.

When you fail to avoid leaving footprints on the internet, Google can find out that you’re using PBN to rank high in search results. Anything that tries to rank high by using black hat SEO is a no-no. So, if you get caught, it can lead to penalties that can harm your SEO in return.

When you think about it, PBNs has its good and bad side. However, the advantages usually outweigh the cons. By buying the right kind of domains and taking precautions when building and using it, you can minimize the risks and enjoy a faster way of ranking high in search engines.