Why Airplanes Don’t Offer Live TV?

Why Airplanes Don’t Offer Live TV?

Live TV and OTT platforms are the primary reason why people are cutting out their traditional cable and satellite services. For masses in the US, cable services have been ruling for decades alongside satellite wherever cable coverage was not available. The number of channels and the all-inclusive and tailored offers such as Spectrum channel lineup have been in demand for the quality of content and value for the price they bring to the table.

How Do Airplanes Offer Entertainment Services To Their Passengers?

The planes use an antenna to connect to the satellite internet. In comparison to cell towers, the frequency of signals from a satellite-powered service results in a faster connection. It makes all the passengers enjoy unlimited and uninterrupted entertainment throughout their journey. American Airlines announced that customers could enjoy this television service on almost 100 domestic airlines.

Satellite services based on their infrastructure and nature of work is the most relevant service for far located areas and that includes airplanes too. Bringing satellite connection to airplanes through antennas as it delivers signals across the globe and outside it as long you have an antenna. This has brought not only comfort and luxury to the passengers traveling with the airplanes that offer this service but fact that they do not lose touch with anyone on the earth for work and personal communication is just a cherry on the cake.

Do Airplanes Have TV For Their Passengers?

A small TV screen at each airplane seat makes the plane burn more fuel. Installing TV screens also increases the overall weight of the airplane, which again increases the consumption of fuel. It is the reason why the passengers can use their phones or tablets for entertainment purposes inside the airplane.

In most airplanes, the passengers can enjoy watching movies, music, and TV shows through their mobiles or tablets. You have to download the American Airlines app on your device to enjoy endless entertainment without having a Wi-Fi connection. The best part is that no one will charge the passenger a single penny for this entertainment service.

Which Airlines Offer Internet and TV Services?

It shows that the airlines are concerned about their passengers and their interest. They have always been concerned about their customer’s experience and incorporating satellite indicates that they can stay entertained and stay connected with everyone through your travel with them. Moreover, the companies have installed the live TV feature in around 700 aircraft in 2019. You can say that at present, almost all of the airplanes will have the live TV feature, which passengers can access through their smart devices.

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The senior vice president for marketing and sales for American Airlines proposed a statement where he said that the passengers wish to enjoy a leisure environment inside the plane throughout their flight. Most of them want to enjoy themselves as if they are sitting in their living room, watching their favorite show on the TV.

What are the Channels One Can Expect While Onboarding the Flight?

You can watch around one dozen channels inside an American Aircraft. These channels include some well-known names such as FOX, CBS, CNN, TNT, CNBC, Disney, and much more. You can enjoy watching these channels as the aircraft have the Gogo 2Ku high-speed internet Wi-Fi connectivity and stay online on the go.

How Reliable is Internet Service On the Plane?

Using Wi-Fi while traveling in a plane isn’t a new thing. However, the service that you enjoy today is way faster and more entertaining than it was in the old times. In the past, the plane worked on the Wi-Fi signals that first go from the ground to the plane, and then back to the ground. However, America Airplanes now use satellite signals that provide faster speed than ground signals. Passengers of all the airplanes that offer Wi-Fi can enjoy streaming services, Live TV, movies, and social media, etc. throughout their journey.

Conclusive Notes

In the aforementioned article, we have shared all the reasons influencing why airplanes don’t offer Live. Moreover, we have also covered that since a lot of airlines offer Wi-Fi services, which enables the passengers to communicate with anyone online and stay entertained and informed on the go.