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What Types of Businesses Can Benefit from a YouTube Presence?


You might look at businesses on YouTube and think that it seems like a dream world because your type of business just wouldn’t suit the platform. Well, don’t discount the option too early. Lots of businesses can benefit from YouTube channels. There’s something to be gained whether you offer tutorials, guides, reviews, or something else. Speak to King Kong for advice on how to integrate YouTube into your marketing strategy!

Why YouTube?

The platform is considered the second-largest search engine on the internet…need we say more? People flock to YouTube like birds to breadcrumbs, seeking answers, ideas, and entertainment. It’s not just a platform, it’s a chameleon that lets businesses connect with customers in ways other social media channels envy. So what type of business would benefit from a presence on the platform?

Retail Businesses

Online stores: thriving and projected to keep soaring. So, having a YouTube channel isn’t just a “nice-to-have” – it’s a “must-have” in this cutthroat competition. Show off your products in video form with demos, unboxings, and reviews. Because let’s face it, video content is way more engaging and memorable than just plain old photos or text descriptions. Time to level up your retail game.

You can also let the world know about your sales and promotions via a video on the platform. Dive into customer questions and concerns, and join forces with fellow YouTubers to conquer the interwebs and expand your fanbase. Together, let’s take the world by storm.

Service-Based Businesses

No physical product? No problem. Service-based businesses can still rock YouTube. Share tutorials and guides to flaunt your expertise and charm potential customers. For instance, if you offer graphic design services, whip up wickedly awesome Photoshop tips and tricks. Show off your skills and give viewers a reason to remember you when they need a graphic designer. You’ll be their go-to creative genius.

Local Businesses

You might think that YouTube is reserved for huge companies with offices in every city. Local businesses can also jump on the bandwagon and flaunt their products or services in captivating videos. For instance, a restaurant could whip up a series of mouth-watering cooking tutorials or tantalizing behind-the-scenes footage to showcase their one-of-a-kind dishes and ambiance. Or picture a salon dishing out hair care tips and DIY styling tutorials that’ll have you strutting your stuff at home. This kind of content not only reels in local customers but also catches the eye of tourists seeking top-notch recommendations in the area. Get ready to be wowed.


You can even use YouTube as a completely new company in the industry – don’t let the older companies get all the attention when you have lots of value to offer. Startups can unleash the power of YouTube to make a grand entrance. Showcase your products, dazzle with your team, and give a VIP pass to behind-the-scenes action. Trust us, this is how you charm potential customers and create an army of loyal fans from day one. Lights, camera, startup.

Use this guide as motivation and pique the interest of your market today!

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