What is the Difference Between an H11 Headlight Bulb and a 9005 Light Bulb?

What is the Difference Between an H11 Headlight Bulb and a 9005 Light Bulb?

The H11 headlight bulb is a low-beam light bulb, making it perfect for use as your car’s regular bulb. The term normal alludes to the low beam’s widespread use in lighting due to its angular shape. They are suitable for headlamps and fog lights thanks to this functionality.

Due to the fact that they don’t cause blindness, they are among the popular automobile light types that are permitted for city driving. Also, keep in mind that the H11 bulb has a single beam and may only be used in that location.

Though identical to the 9005, the H11 LED bulb is incompatible due to its L shape. However, other low-beam and L-shaped bulbs, such as the H8, H9, and H16, are compatible with the H11 bulb.

The two can be used in place of one another, but when you install them, you might realize they differ. For instance, the H9 has a shorter lifespan but is brighter at 65W. The H11, in comparison, has a wattage of 55W, making it dimmer than the H9 but lasting longer.

What Differs Between H11 and 9005 Light Bulbs?

When delving into the debate between 9005 and H11, it’s important to consider their distinctions. First, they share a trait in common because both have an L-shaped face.

Despite having a similar shape, it is not possible to convert an H11 to a 9005; nevertheless, the 9005 can fit into the H11’s socket. The other bulb has a low beam, while the 9005 has a high beam. Therefore their roles are distinct.

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Some experts claim that the 9005 may be utilized in low beam mode; however, the results are unattractive due to the excessive intensity. Nevertheless, if you can use it for a long time before having to replace it, it is an indicator of how durable it is.

The H11 also contributes to the conversation with its extended operational life, with some of the best bulbs having an operational life of up to 30000 hours. The H11’s lifespan is actually quite lengthy, even though it may seem shorter than that of regular headlight bulbs.

This is so that their other variations, lighting, and wattage, are not hidden by their applications for low and high beams. The usage of 9005 bulbs as high-beam lights is explained by their excellent illuminating power of 65W.

The H11 is a low-beam bulb that uses 55W of power and has little illumination. Numerous other devices, including the H10, 9040, 9055, HB3, 9145, and 9150, are compatible with the 9005. The H11 can also work with H8, H9, and H16 light bulbs.


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