Website Revamping Solutions in Singapore

In the modern age of technology, having a website is no less than a boon to growing your business. However, if the website is not up to the mark, you could lose potential customers, thereby negatively affecting your digital presence. So a professional web design company plays a critical role to grab more eyeballs for your business online. They can provide you with the best services of website development which will be at par with your competitors.

When Revamping is Crucial?

  • Outdated Design
  • Poor Sales
  • Negative Feedback of Website

Crucial Steps to Revamp Website Design

Old Website Analysis 

With the help of IT Solution Singapore, the first major step is to point out all the ambiguities and errors in the existing website. Low speed, poor security, and no optimizations for SEO can lag the site in terms of getting traffic. When the errors and glitches are sorted then it’s safe to proceed to the next step.

Priority Action

After a thorough analysis, state all the priorities that must be first implemented on the website. If you want to boost sales, then the website should focus more on its product ranges. Their price ranges and specs should be properly categorized and be visible to the customers. If the website is not SSL certified, then getting an EV SSL cert is crucial.

Target Audience

There is a drastic change in the target audience of the website as the requirement constantly varies from person to person. So targeting age groups could be pretty easy with IT Solutions Singapore as the mechanism of remodelling the website is pretty different. This may require building a sales funnel and targeting the targeted audience.

Current Status of Website

It is necessary to point all the functionality of the website at the current stance. Changes could only be implemented if the roots are taken into consideration. So the instances like a color pallet, paragraphs, font choices, and gallery images are essential for the look of the website and should be changed as and when required. These adjustments are DIY but a professional web developer knows which combination works the best.

List of Changes in Design

Through IT Solutions Singapore, we provide a wide range of choices in terms of design templates and customizable themes. So point out any feature you wish to implement on your website and the rest will be taken care of. Sidebars customization, adding social media plugin, changing the menu style – you name it and we will get it done.

New Goals

Now the most crucial part is what you can offer and why do you want a new website design. So always share your goals and targets.


There are several factors in which IT Solution Singapore makes their priority to revamp the websites.

  • Visual and Elements
  • Personalization according to Brand
  • Good Colors
  • SEO Enabled
  • Enable Voice Search
  • Mobile Website

Revamping websites will surely help you boost the traffic. With all the new updates from Google about speed optimization, mobile responsiveness, it is important that you ensure your website is updated so as to no to affect the SEO of your website.