Web Design Factors That Can Bring the Traffic On Your Website Down.

When you get your website online and go public, the one thing that you majorly focus on is the traffic. The word traffic is referred to as the number of visitors’ visiting your website. Even major companies like Google, Amazon, etc., spend a lot of money on getting the traffic on their platform.

But, no matter how much you try, the traffic stills seems less as compared to the number of people surfing through the internet. Traffic is significant because it not only gives you potential customers but also makes your presence in the market more stable. With more traffic, you get publicity, advertisements, sponsors, etc. In other words, traffic is what decides your presence or fate in the digital world.

Web Design, And How It Can Affect The Traffic On Your Website

Website designing also plays a massive role in getting traffic to your website. Usually, your website and the content you give to your audience is what makes the traffic grow on your website. For your website and traffic on it, everything matters, including the content, the domain you choose, and the services your offer.

Website Design Company in Kolkata, India, helps you with everything regarding your website design and will also give you the desired traffic. But, what if you were getting a fair amount of traffic on the website and it suddenly starts to drop. This problem is seen on many websites. However, here are a few factors that can bring your website traffic down with potential solutions:

Clean Design: One of the most critical factors about building a website and its design is to have a clean design. It is essential to keep making the website design more appealing to the audience because a clean design keeps the audience hooked with the content and does not bore them.

A good and quality design provides a positive user experience and encourages the user to return to the website. With the Website Design Company in Kolkata, India, you will get a clean and attractive website design.

Dull Colour Scheme: The color scheme you decide on your website also counts as a reason for the fall or increase in traffic. Pale colors might change the perspective of the visitor visiting your website. Also, people respond to colors, so keeping a good and attractive color scheme can encourage people to stay on the website and make some decisions. The color scheme also complements the content, making it more visible and appealing to the audience.

Quality Content: The one thing that holds everything in this digital world is content. The content you give out or publish on your website gets you the traffic. The more quality content you give, the more people will be visiting your website. However, along with the quality, you should also maintain consistency of the content on the website.

Type of contents is also another factor you need to be cautious about. As per the reports, people marketer who uses video content, usually experience 49% faster revenue than the marketers who do not use video contents.

Visual content plays the most significant role when it comes to purchasing decisions. 92% of consumers supported this fact. To be one of the 3.5 billion Google searches (every day), you need to consider each and every factor that can influence your site traffic.

Keywords: Use the most accurate and successful keyword in the content and design, and you will be halfway in increasing the traffic on your website. The more precise and well-researched keyword makes the website perform better in SEO. SEO rotates around keywords, and that is the key to increase the traffic on your website.

User Experience: The user experience of your website is also an essential factor to look at in your website—a better user experience gives more loyal visitors who, in turn, bring a more organic audience. UX, aka, User experience, directly affects the site ranking on the search engines, meaning the traffic. A stable and complete UX for your website is essential, and to get that, a professional Website Design Company in Kolkata, India, can be an ideal way.

There may be many things that might be affecting the traffic on your website, which you won’t be aware of. However, the above-mentioned factors are the most common reasons for traffic-fall. Also, giving the customers relevant content through analytics is the key. Chances in the algorithm can also affect the traffic on your website.

Web-designing companies make sure that your website is noticed on the internet among the targeted audience. They also take the organic traffic task in their hand and work on it effectively.