How to Utilize Technology to Manage Workforce

For centuries, managing people has been a real problem, but it wasn’t as complicated as it is today. Even after so many structural changes in the basics of hiring and retention, employee management is getting harder and harder. On one hand, we see increasing trend in unemployment, while on the other hand, we experience high rate of retention, productivity decline, absenteeism and worse. It’s more difficult than playing a minesweeper, to be honest.

Problems of Modern Entrepreneurs

Hi-tech world they say, but is it really helping modern-day entrepreneurs? That’s the core of the problem. Entrepreneurs have been facing many issues because of this tentative creature called employee. Here are few issues:

Some of the entrepreneurs complain about the structural changes in hiring and firing employees. The cost of hiring and training employees is a massive burden, and a sort of risk they don’t want to take. They cannot run recruitment campaigns every month. Above that, they’re not getting loyal employees.

As many as 80% of the new businesses vanish in the first three years of inception, and most of them had high employee turnover. The percentage include both, traditional and transitional styled businesses, and workforce seemed to be the killer for them.

Is there a better way? Yes, there is!

Opportunities for Success

It’s not that one cannot do anything. There are plenty of examples of businesses earning billions of dollars and managing thousands of employees in hundreds of locations worldwide. What they did is, they learnt to use modern technology and created sophisticated environment for their employees. Things like HR software, payroll software, video collaboration software, accounting systems and many such items helped them control widespread workforce.

For example, if you have visited, you’d know what they’re capable of. They offer state of the art video collaboration tools to help you conduct timely meetings, employee training sessions, refreshers, and much more. In fact, you’re in for a treat and here are few ways to connect to your employees:


It helps you create short videos and tutorials that you can upload on your website, blog or a shared network, in order to engage employees. You can build a series of tutorials and guides for them that way.

Web conferencing:

Another advantage of technology is, instead of spending on expensive seminars and conferences, you can engage employees through webinars. This technique helps multinationals conduct a worldwide get-together and helps the entire network come on the same page.

HR Software:

These software prevent manual calculation of working hours, labor and productivity items. With a full-fledged HR software, you can actually create a customized system that will help your executives understand their job descriptions and they can take guidelines to control their subordinates. You will also enable them to take timely and thoughtful decisions regarding their teams.

Moreover, different types of accounting software and payroll systems are also available in the market that will help save time, cost and effort, enabling you to control your finances in a better way. You can also plan better for the future with all these software.