Tranxition: PC Migration Tools

Data migration is the most crucial and most concerned issue of today’s digital world. Security and quality of service give rise to these concerns. To deal with this growing concern, Tranxition stepped into the market. They extend their excellent and professional services in providing software which has the capability to capture Window’s profile information, such as user files and settings. It is due to their top-notch services in the automation of migration-related tasks that many prominent government organizations, research institutes, law firms, manufacturing, and insurance companies are their clients.

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Here are some of their award winning products:

Migration Manager for Windows

For the hassle-free files and user settings capturing, Migration Manager is the quickest and most rich migration tool developed so far. It comes with the additive benefit of reliability, configurability and speed. It can efficiently capture files and personalization settings and can migrate it to the user’s system in case of system change or upgradation. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10.

User Persona API

It enables the user to capture their personalized settings from MS Office, MS Windows, browsers, Adobe software and various other applications. This persona data is then saved into the database and restore point is created which can then be called for the migration, either on an existing or different system. Market review this API to be 35% more fast than existing migration managers in the market.


Tranxition developed OnRamp to provide automated, powerful and lightweight endpoint solutions for the capturing of files and user settings. These captured personas are then ready to undergo a transition from the network and window endpoints to the MS OneDrive. This product allows the file redirection and the user has the liberty to keep these files in original structure or either rearrange them. This application does not need on-site installation and client can run it from the webpage through the application’s link. It also has the authentication scheme by which if the user is authenticated by the cloud, then this application will let the process to proceed. Otherwise, the user will be prompted to the pass-through authentication.